Hwacha Vs. Giant Armies! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – TABS Game

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator we try out the new Hwacha unit from the newest TABS update.
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Blacky2131 says:

that guy (bottom right corner) at 3:00 noped really hard lol

Thomas Morton says:

do howocha army vs 1of everything

Thomas Morton says:

do howocha army vs 1of everything.

Bounama Sall says:


Lonetechwolf says:

This guy sounds like Yoda when he hmmph’s

rita EO says:

play apice battel simiulater

Bounama Sall says:

so lagy

ImRandomleyTru Doge says:

3:04  at the far right.  “I’m out.”

Night_howlers 88 says:

Do musketeers vs musketeers

Linh Luu says:

that musket that lay down tho

maximise dude says:

shield man vs spear man

plexiglazz says:

do 75 poachers vs. 1 chicken man

TheKurdish says:

Dave VS Oscar (Oskar is boxer)

secret hero says:

do 10 pochers v 3 swords men

Mac's Brother says:


The Pokémon channel 100 says:

Do 100 peasants vs one chunked man man

Blacky2131 says:

its funny how I think all those shields are gonna die but at the end 80% of them stand up like nothing happened

mary anne jereza says:

From 300

Radicalboy14 says:

A whole row of shield guys versus 4 chicken man man

Tiffany Dawkins says:

vikens vs sheileds

Brian Pizza says:

no do 87 Dave’s vs 1 canon and a chicken man please

Nerf dude Snow says:

Fill up entirely with footmen vs 400 pesents

Triston Smith says:

you’re funny because you said you little turd nugget

Roi TheBurningMeteor says:

its jose rizals death all over again(its sad)

tuxgames says:

▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█ Watch out kids, He Farted

Cause Mos says:

WHAT ? 1:45

Niall Hennessy says:

Your so epic at the game

Jacob Jonson from the horizon/ tony flamingo says:

Do 100 daves vs 200 barbarians

mary anne jereza says:

Hawacha in every unit and one samouray as leanades

Sam Vimes says:

This the best similialulurator EVAH!

Joeandco says:

Loads of poachers vs 1 shield man

Brian Pizza says:

do 20 boxers vs2catapolts

thefezzXD says:

Of all the people that make these kind of videos I belive you’re the only one who actually have a entire video full of what the title say, no clickbait from you, good on you sir, you’ve earned youreself a subscriber.

Maureen Enstrom says:

do 30  ninja’s vs 1 super peasant

Murphy playz says:

all red cannons vr all blue sheilds

Bryce plays says:

I rise up rise like the day in every way

The Pokémon channel 100 says:


Stephanie Levinski says:

do 1 hawacha vs. 100 super pesents

Keegan Figment says:

do a checker bord hawacha styil and 1 chichen man man

Logan English says:

do 100 pesents vs 50 head butters

Lego Latcher says:

can a musketeer bullet hit a halacha bullet

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