Hunting Simulator – DRONES & MOUNTAIN LION DOME SHOTS – Hunting Simulator Gameplay

Hunting Simulator – DRONES & MOUNTAIN LION DOME SHOTS – Hunting Simulator Gameplay

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jonathan hermansson says:

Pls play more

Daniel Kauffman says:

“Do we control the speed the sun circles that Earth?” Last I learned, we orbit the sun, not the other way around XD

Kryptoncable says:

I like that riot is not just another youtuber that just yells at every little thing and gets I million views for nothing

Bladen Johnson says:

Hey u need to check out The Hunter Call Of The Wild

YoriPlays says:

lol the double ending oh noeeesss

Obesescootscootman Man says:

Please keep playing this it’s pretty dank

Ind0minus Rexy says:

Do a series

Talon Underwood says:


Jullian Casillas says:

yo riot play this game more and when is the finding bigfoot update?

Garrett Amerson says:

1:20 the sun circles the earth?… we orbit the sun and the orbit has nothing to do with the length of the day… it rotates on its axis

Noah Fontes says:

Omg riot I love u

Chase Brown says:


2.0Green Connor says:

show us your bouncing baby dog!?

Cnwamw says:

I hunt for sport but I still eat them

manofthemon says:

If you are complaing about the hunting being unrealistic, then just remember, YOU ARE HUNTING ON A FUCKING COMPUTER IN A FUCKING SIM

Fran Turpin says:

I love riot’s vids a lot he’s always funny and cool. I have been watching since his old minecraft vids I love him

Undeadmatt 466 says:

Yeah you definitely gonna need a higher caliber gun also I think you should make another video or stream this game

Chase Brown says:


Jacob Macomber says:

That double outro tho

NNT PG3DPE says:


xXxSavageEmpiorxXx Blankenship says:

this game puts thehunter to shame

Zephyr Sackett says:

+everynightxRIOT i know how mountain lions tastes like it tastes like mountain lion

Ryann Rollins says:

do ark and make a giant maze and send deer and wolfs and hyenadons after the deer and see wat happens

TSN Games says:

“what’s going on, Stinkyboots?”
~Johnny (June 2017)

KazAFK says:

The Hunter has hounds and retrievers

SquidyPigz says:


danish Campbell says:

Lol it was really funny when he said “it’s not for ur eyes u broke mother fucker”

Alfons van Dal says:

I hunt to eat

Bobzilla Master says:

riot friend is a cunt


That’s not noise to me

NobodyLovesMe Anims says:

I got day one so I got two rifles

bradley bland says:

biggie smalls got shot 9 times……………………..

Robbloxs G_a_m_e_s says:

Played the intro over and over lmfao

stargatedalek says:

I’m all for sport hunting, it is after all the biggest source of income for conservation.

MegaDragonslayer67 says:

What is a “colo”

Tyler DeLuca says:

Profesional 10/10 outro

Gangstaw says:

1:22 The speed at wich the sun circles the earth

Erik Britz says:

my logic with this game:if it moves it needs to get shot

Jellybot19 Vlogs says:

stream it

Cinamon22 says:

I love your videos but you know nothing about hunting hahaha

Trident Gamer706 says:

oh ya I forget my brother

thebudderdude says:

“People who hunt for sport are douche bags” hey anyone remember the indominus? XD

NytoRapter says:

Johnny do you know what happens when your out drunk out in the wilderness.Yes you know

Puffy Bird03 says:

You should be able to use the 243 on an elk in real life my dad shot a 6 by 7 bull ( we ate it)

Xuimma Sleeping says:

I was going to hand you a dislike with the no drone thumbnail thing but tiny Rick made me forgive you.

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