Huge Farm Renovation! – House Flipper Meets Farming Simulator – Farmers Dynasty Gameplay

Welcome everybody to Farmers Dynasty! Farmers Dynasty takes the farming simulator genre to the next level. In Farmers Dynasty you farm just as you would with any other farming simulator but you’re also living the true life of a farmer, from renovating your home to socializing at church this game brings the farming simulation genre to the next level with a life simulator in place as well. In this episode we work on renovating the farm, doing some odd quests for our jerk neighbors and getting the first few pieces of farming machinery that we will need. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Farmers Dynasty, thank you for watching and liking.

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: JAWN


Insomniac7290 says:

clara has an aussie accent

Im’a Potato says:

Do more of that zoom editing

Drew Nyktas says:

In the home you messed up and out side you did not hold the thing that fix stuff like the tile floor

shawn meira says:

I thought it was another episode of houseflipper 🙁

Ryu Gaizer says:

19:32 John want’s mashshoom

alec mccormick says:

Drae Luv you I been watching ya since 60k

Error.732 says:


Soggy Biscuit says:

This is basically all my favourite games all in one game

TwentyOneOstrich's lol says:

Hes drawing out the o to much. my name is oliver or well.. ollie but its not awlie its.. ollie

Dennis Moløkken says:

am so exating thet i youst cant hide it

Tarkan Ozsen says:

You should probably keep on playing this game its so niceee

alec mccormick says:

Fallout 4 reference is in this video too

bdoyl92 plays MCPE says:

Please make it a series like daily upload

Nathan Wtk says:

“I need my field plowed”….HELL YEAH

Symee the Noobie says:

i can watch you repair everything all day

Hjylps says:

Grand Theft Farm Equipment.

mkusanagi says:

hey Drae, this movie is the exact reason why you are my fav youtuber. You find the best obscure games, and make them exciting

Lev Start says:

“Is this the tractor I’ll get? Can I steal it?” Dude, you already got Farm Sim, House Flipper and Skyrim combo set, don’t add GTA in there.

Ryu Gaizer says:

Drae, play more episode about this game, this game is really cool

simpson1142 says:

Drae that coat hanger is a sled not a fence and the yellow arrow want you to fix the farm.

Lluís Companys says:

Drae this video was pure decent think i will watch it twice!

Timothy Dolk says:

Please do lots more of these

Random Stuffs says:

We have sunflowers around here for miles during the summer.

Lance French says:

I like it grays playing it

Michael Deering says:

this looks great!

Marcia Winnie says:

Plz do more

Nicke Picke says:

Now that youve played this play My Summer Car its like this but not the farming part its more car building you should play it!

EDIT: oh yeah ik you have played this before (my summer car) but you have to play it agin plz!

grim reapper says:

draegast try tf2 its a muplt choises

ZkDog says:

You’re annoying bro

Delvin Adithya says:

Shit!, i need this game so badly!!

Desmund Bear says:

I totally get the enjoyment with these types of games! It’s close to being realistic and doing things that you can’t in real life is what makes me hooked to them 🙂 totally want to see more of this tho!

williamisgood says:

“dingeling that little bell thing” – Draegast 2017

mask 776 says:

Drae wants to be a farmer

Ghld4er says:

if you could destroy houses whit the tractor Drae would be the biggest criminal in the country

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