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Hey, thanks for reading the description for more info on the community. Since you read this far, comment the word ‘Raptastic!’ and I will 💖 your comments! Thanks!


Benji Piglia says:

America will not pay your bills

UrAvgGamer says:

Hey Raptor

atomic art's says:


Golden Gamer says:

Love the vids

Super_Super_T Gaming says:

Raptastic! Love this game and all ur vids! Will try to catch your stream, How much is this game?

Cool Person says:

Love the vid

Upa Jojo says:

You need reception for night staff night shift. You need reception for emergency

Coby Utting says:

I’ll be getting my hands on this

Anirban Das says:


Vincent Slone says:

This is clearly a homage to Theme Hospital, which was one of the best PC games ever made! Can’t tell you how many hours I spent playing CS 1.6, StarCraft Brood War and Theme Hospital…
I believe Theme Hospital is available on Origin, however good luck getting it run on anything that’s Windows 7 or newer. Wow were the higher levels on that game difficult, the patients would literally be so messy that you’d have to hire 25 janitors just to keep up with mess.

Quick note: Place individuals benches in front of the offices, I believe those might count as a waiting room.

Joshua Hall says:

look fun. When is this game coming out XD

Kyle Frew says:

@10:34 you can see all your building’s are connected via a waiting room or you need to construct a hallway on the second floor connecting all your buildings to the elevator

SR Creative Media says:

Your videos are very enjoyable to watch, well done mate.

FropPOPIN says:

Raptor no problem at all your videos are enjoyable 😀

Mlg Gaming says:

Its dank indeed

Raptor says:

Hey all! Thanks for watching, I like this game!

Carnagex1 says:

Loving your pronounciations so far, keeping medicine real and make me chuckle.

JP Ryding says:

Is there a video missing between the clinic and this?

Joe Boyd says:

Hi Raptor

Goat Overlord says:

PhD lol

Wui Ting Woon says:

raptor finish building the old clinic first , I want to see how good are you building your clinic

Fight or Flight Gamer says:

Is there some sort of prestige for each room that increases with say decoration that would add to the overall hospital prestige?

Andrew Penman says:

‘I assume that we need to *wait* for someone needing general surgery to come in’

“‘Wait?!’ Oh yes I mean–wouldn’t it be a shame if…someone needed general surgery…yes of course. The city can be…dangerous, after all…”

Mo jo says:

Pls build your First Hospital to the end I enyod it so much!!

grant williams says:

Can you do another video!!

carl sagan says:

It reminds me a game called Theme Hospital, i was played those game at PS1

Missy Womack says:

Love the video rapor is this on console

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