HORSE FARM & RACING IN MULTIPLAYER! – Farming Simulator 19 Gameplay – Chevy & Map Mod

HORSE FARM & RACING IN MULTIPLAYER! – Farming Simulator 19 Gameplay – Chevy & Map Mod

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play Part 1 of Farming Simulator 19. This is a multiplayer farming management simulator game!

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john gomes says:

I really like your vids Camodo, and mention that O.B. is really silly

Jessie JR says:

yes it poops

BambamTheBushman stuff says:

Like for more My Summer Car

The Great Tornado says:

Does anyone watching this vid love METALLICA!!!!!

john gomes says:

I also really your multiplayer and sinking survival vids!

Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Farming Sim! What should we do next time?

John Tipton says:

Can you go subscribe to my channel mrjmt1968 and give me a shout out thx please

blue depression says:

Do you guys notice at 20:38 when camodo passes the bridge ntice there are no guard rails off coarse its a modded map maybe it needs a little fix

PastelsProductions says:

Where are you getting these mods, Because the mod page in-game doesn’t have this mod or car mods

smashkerka says:

I think we have a flipped truck on isle 2

Sevotastic ST says:

You can see what the animals need in the help area

Connor Lindberg says:

Another great video

Ejector creations says:

The map was’nt in FS17

Carter F says:

that awkward quite spot in the video where O.B is bringing the horses to the farm XD

Wilfredo Class says:


The Great Tornado says:

G mod please!!

Ferissa Dinata says:

Wild west horse’s

cotton ball says:

the horses are going to regret eating lunch
with O.B driving
and i like this
camodo and o.b

Professional Mech says:

Camodo some reposted your Extreme Bus Pinball Wreckfest Episode on their channel… I happened to stumble apoun it and noticed it wasn’t under your channel. Im letting you know so you can search it up and let YouTube know. I care for you and your channel and don’t want someone else stealing your views!!! Hope you get this delt with!!! Like so camodo can see this because it is urgent!!!

blue depression says:

Best game best vids its worth it

David Rosado says:

you should get more advanced tractors

Reed Banning says:

Hey camodo, can you play stellaris

David Rosado says:

and more animals

Boneforce lol says:

Expendables Modding on facebook has more mods

Andrez Cabrera says:

You should play treasure hunter simulator

Kasey Kirby says:

hey camodo best website to get mods

Galaxy Kitten says:

What’s your favorite brand, Chevy or ford?

Natser Calape says:

Again you dint invite spy again hes lonely

Yuri V. de Campos says:

Great video friend! Success for you!
From Brasil!

Scania Kalns says:

Do helicopter mod


camodo i had a horse like illusion but it made me a bit sad because what are the chances he got struck by lightning and fell over in the dead of night and died

Jake B says:

Ya it was I have it in fs17

Goliath Projects says:

There’s a new update for FS19 and it comes with a terrain editior!
I don’t want to give you the idea to ​​build ramps and such, but you can build ramps and such.

JordanMKV says:

i love to see you with mods do more

Grayson Kohler says:

three thousand five hundred not thirty five hundred

The Tuckers says:

I think you guys are super cool

Grayson Kohler says:

my sisters name is katelyn o.B …….

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