Hitting 1 Million Subscribers Livestream Recording! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Hey guys, here’s the recording for the 1,000,000 subscriber celebration livestream! Thanks to everyone for growing the Blitztopian Empire to 1 Million Citizens!


fade sway says:

I can’t hear you

Miraak Miraak says:


Malachi Carlson says:

can u play half life 2 please

Travis Moneymaker says:

did i go death at the beginning

Boris says:

If blitz hearts this comment I will not do anything at all.


Hello Iam Fans In Indonesia

mega killer kills u im a pro says:

i was first sunscriber

mega killer kills u im a pro says:


Alexander Colquhoun says:

One year ago you had 250k and now look at you you got 1m congrats

Aan Faridah says:

Congrats for reaching 1 mil subscriber blitz

Matt Maur says:

He was like wow an insane box explosion oh cool we hit 1 mil

Kaylob Newcom says:


Jimmy TDB says:

Play more birthdays the beginning like if u agree

Slappy Joe says:

Wait, you have a son, or little Blitz!

Animation CARTOON says:

hey blitz,keep up the good work your doing amazing,and can you do more of the escapists

EnderLego09 Cool dude says:

hey Blitz i was wondering if you could play Heartbound the demo on gamejolt

Jordan Bulnes says:

Hey blitz !!!!! I love your vids

Danielle Knight says:

I’m so sorry I missed this!!! Please stream more! And congrats!!!

Jordan Collins says:

hi blitzkriegsler

Kona's Kingdom says:


Daniel Rivera says:

good going

Killerdude365 Tyler says:

Congrats on 1mil subs

marshall rudolph says:

C oooO n GggGr rrraaa tttT s Blotzz

ProjectInfernal says:

You finally hit 1 mil!!! You deserved man… you the best <3

A random guy says:

I’ve watch you when you had 500K and the first video i’ve watched was kingdoms!

I bet some of you guys are tired of hearing comments that say cngrats and yay and stufff.

christopher webb says:

u have one million subscribers!!!!!!!! yas!!!!!!!!!

ChickenLegGoku -DBZ Talks and more! says:

Let’s go 1 mil!

lava da guava says:

Congrats blitz love u i subbed when u where just at 194 subs

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