HIGH SPEED MULTI FREIGHT TRUCK COLLISION! (American Truck Simulator Gameplay Roleplay) Truck Crashes

American Truck Simulator Gameplay Rolepaly where we have a high speed multi freight truck collision!

Today in American Truck Simulator, we head out to deliver nice cheeses and clothes when randomly I get hit from behind by a freight truck going 80mph! Will we survive this high speed freight truck collision in our American Truck Simulator gameplay roleplay?!

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About American Truck Simulator:
Experience legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes across sunny California, sandy Nevada, and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. American Truck Simulator takes you on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the States.

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racoon stampede says:

8:57 lol

Robert White says:

Do video tomorrow morning
I mean it

jencan1 says:


Loserg Gamer says:

You can win this

Dirty Doge says:

I have been to Vegas twice

Godzilla 2003 Plays Mc says:

You got some air when he hit you hard.

H0ssticle says:

I love your video

Austin Pitcock says:

do more stormworks ob

Cody Wass says:

On farming sim ob you are the better truck driver on here Comodo is

Big E says:

Buy a new truck

Sneaky Fatman says:

ob if your from Arizona say something only someone from the state would know

Slimeboy 47 says:

Get better trucks

Mattchew07 Fort Night says:

Go to Oklahoma

Quadier Robinson says:


Jaytheman1765 says:

If you type /fix in tact chat it will fix ur truck

Romeo Mejares says:

Hey o.b i love that game and i hope you love my comment

Pepper Pig says:

I look at your steam profile and i saw you playing this… lol

Mr K says:


Big Boy Bunion says:

You and Camodo need to prank some people on truck sim!!! I laughed sooo hard!!!! Great video!

Michael Zumberge says:

Delivering that Government Cheese

limegreenmaddog mad dog says:


Fox king says:

Also nice vid I like these videos you do keep doing what you do best youtuber ever

bestgaming90 savage says:

572th viewer 73rd liker

Grace Zita says:

I mean boy

Owen Barrett says:

This and Farming Simulator are my favorite Series I hope they don’t go away anytime soon

Ryan Berry says:

Keep the great vids up also plz do more truck simulater love your vids

Slimeboy 47 says:


twocvbloke says:

At least you’re on a quiet server there, I daren’t even fire up Euro Truck Sim MP cos they contain absolutely insane people who cannot drive properly, absolutely mental… :S

Smart Reaper says:

Do a race oh and ask spy to get the game

AntsterPants 142 says:


racoon stampede says:


Emmett Goodwin says:

Great video

D and C gaming and blog's says:

You can turn right on red but you have to have your blinker on

Boomatron5000 says:

3971 ah … view thing …

Edward Kostner, Jr says:

my dog is named phoenix

Michael Zumberge says:

This makes me want to play Multiplayer

Jaytheman1765 says:

You can turn right on red

Diamond Minecart Junior says:

If you use the turn signal you can turn right on red

Romeo Mejares says:

And the guy hee good person o.b he I like maybe he follows you and he know your YouTube o.b

The Kraken says:

9:06 THATS A LOTA DAMAGE! vine quote :))))

CoolTheDragon 10 says:

You are the best YouTuber I have ever watched and please answer me

Edward Kostner, Jr says:

My name is Eddie

Challenging Gameplay says:

You always drive forklifts

Fox king says:

Still chill

jencan1 says:

21:30 you parked on a red curb…

Valerie Tucker says:

my dad works at the ups at night shift does 5,000 boxes pere night.

Grace Zita says:

I saw u in vid rockbou

wyatt oden says:

do a bricks rig version

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