HE’S IN MY DRAWERS!! | Cockroach Simulator Gameplay

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EtrielDevyt says:

Franz Kafka: The Game

Night Fang says:


Alexandria C. says:

This game would be awesome with multiple cockroaches. Wade, Mark, Jack, and Bob could all play together!

Tom Yates says:


Chinchilla Slayer says:

when will they learn what food does and will it take 3 episodes to find out

Dawne-Spica Potter says:

When Jacksepticeye possesses the Wade xD

Rueben Morales-Marquez says:

wade u have to stand on the food

Derp Dragon says:

the bug spray is useless unless you turn the stove on first then it becomes a flame thrower or they have gotten food

theADDKIDD88 says:

please play more of this. and see if u can get mark, bab, jack, gar, and jp in on this as well

wolfjedisamuel says:

You could say Pat walked into a
_booby trap_

*[Puts on sun glasses] YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!*

0Templegoddess says:

x’D This just killed me!!

KBingo says:


Kyuubi Namikaze says:

I think they need to make another level of this simulation. A living room or bed room perhaps. That’d be fun!

bean king says:

you keep eating food till you make egg and from there
i thank it 4 eggs roach wins and the bug spray only way to kill the
eggs so hide the eggs in hard to reach place 😀 = how to play Cockroach Simulator

XenoMegaWarrior says:

you guys should play as the old guy! and put a creepy voice to it as will!

david morgan says:

Need to get Mark into this

cangle 26 says:

lol wade is funny when he rages in games like this

Haxtez says:

Wade, you have to eat food to get your egg sack to grow. When you eat I think 4 pieces of food. The egg sack blinks then separates from your body. The bug spray is for killing the egg sack. Also, the game is for up to four players I think. Which means you can try again with JP and Gar as well.

CJ Abdon says:

You can really count on Wade and his friends to make an average game really fun to watch.

Suzana hajdinovic says:

wade cannot use a PATula to kill pat (spatula)

Jacob Montbriand says:

u guys sjould play with other guys

Taylor Tyler says:

love her tramp stamp!

VipersBaneGames RUs says:

Why not make a flamethrower wade?

Mikaila Multari says:

Lost it at “TOP OF THE MORNING!!”

angewomon143 says:

Maybe you missed because your character is in heels Wade

Ninja Summer wush says:

ur so bad at playing games fuck

xenomorphthefriendlyone says:

Wade you can turn on the stove and spray the bug spray to make a flamethrower

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