Hearts of Iron High! | Academia School Simulator [Tycoon Sim Gameplay]

Hearts of Iron High in Academia: School Simulator! Let’s build our very own HOI4 school and I will teach history to all the students! What could go wrong?… If your answer was everything, you’re right! Let me know if you’d like to see more from this game in the comments below.

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Academia School Simulator on Steam:
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Playing with Myself [in Hearts of Iron]:

Hearts of Iron 4: Islamic World
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About Academia School Simulator:
A management game that lets you design, construct, and manage the high school of your dreams! As the school Principal, watch your students as they get bullied, find love, flunk exams, and basically just try to get through the roller-coaster ride that is high school.


Sgt. Pepper says:

Hi Daddy

Max Ell says:

was waiting for you to find this game! 10/10 teacher

Level 25 Senpai says:

Do you know if you will ever do a meet up? Or go to any cons in the area

Thor Odinsson says:

Daddy, nice shirt

Joshua Ransom says:

he said he was a girl then he changed gender

Killing Nunny says:

Some kid at my school has yugio cards. My friend took them and he screamed and threw a chair…

シェフチェンコダニエル says:

Mr. D, I’ve been a very bad boy, can you teach me the lesson?


Jason Statham the cook!

MarianvsTM says:

Someone make rule 34 pictures of him

Game Smile says:

you should try the sandbox mod

The Spiffing Brit says:

I played this game and built a school. And guess who my second teacher was. None other than Drew Durnil himself…

LorikeetGames says:

Damn i just got cities skylines.

I'm another tree says:

Sexy af

Roll Fazzlebeef says:

Is this game made by the same guys who made prison architect?

Charter Hold says:

Why do I keep thinking of my hero academia cause of the word academia?


Ac1dM0nk3y says:

I think its telling how this is just a prison architect reskin.

Bra Janusz says:

Mister D, and brand new series “Fake School”.

James Franco says:

Play more please

jOSE Gomez says:

Give me your big D daddy

Ironic Cookies says:

Mr Dicknil

Jack de Reduvo says:

Drew, please do one of your old-style Civ V series, and an old-style EU4 series as well. I miss those.

Also, the way you said “Thank you so much for helping Crackboi” was so fucking creepy.

Random Crush says:

my parents walked in as i watched your video soon i realized that you were naked on my screen so i switched to gay porn because it was easier to explain. now im grounded thank you.

Paul McGachy says:

Drew durnil gay

Jakub Cesarz Dakos says:

Mr D gay

Kim Erickson says:

Wait was he a girl or a boy

Chick Norton says:


Sandi Sasono says:

seriously drew ,do you even need to stream using that clothe

Igor Sacht says:

Play World Conqueror 4.

Alfraks BRO says:

The video is about Academia School Simulator but the description shows HOI4… BOI IF YOU DONT CHANGE IT…

Lex- Vlogs,Gaming and Tutorials says:

We don’t use A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, and etc.

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

Make the students ww2 laders

Entity303 Gaming says:

Oh man, its school day in turkey here 🙁

Bunz mapping who is inactive says:

“Ill give you the D”

UltraWorlds says:

O hey a cool game

o hey igggames also has it

Xelights says:

$400 a day for a teacher, JESUS.

fivemissiles says:

prison architect knock off?

Cloгох Вleacн says:

I don’t listen to teachers without mustaches or beards.

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