HEAD REMOVAL SURGERIES In Our Own Hospital! – Two Point Hospital Gameplay

Welcome to Two Point Hospital! Build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of Two Point County.

Optimise your hospital design to increase patient (and cash) flow, arranging corridors, rooms and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital to multiple buildings as you look to get as many patients through the door as possible.

Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve its prestige, lower patient boredom, increase happiness and keep those end of year awards flowing in.

Two Point Hospital:

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more plz

Radek Ratel says:

Spotting Marbozir and Quill on the ‘Also playing’ window 😀 . Glad you’ve picked this up, definitely something I’m enjoying watching many hours of at the moment!

Pro Youtuber says:

make episode 2 this game

Vin Odal says:

More blitz


Plis do more

Matteo Toro says:

hey blitz! great episode! remember no mans sky? it comes out tommorow! im getting it as well but plz make an episode of it again!

Stef XD says:

In my opinion you should have like 5M subs!keep it up ! Youre the best youtuber ever

Kurnia Rasyid says:

Like theme hospital ps1?

Gauphastus says:

I look forward to playing this one.

Drgn8D says:

“aaaaand I’ll put a plant” – phrase of the day~

WatchTheMoss says:

I miss Theme Hospital, this looks awesome. Can’t wait till it comes out

adhm asem says:

Do more pls

GMC good meme club says:

This is just a theme hospital ripoff

Bine Tavcar says:

and yea that game is so cool

Дмитрий says:

Waiting to get this game. Instantly thought it’s a remake of Theme Hospital which was funny and cool back in PS1 days.

Joshua Burke says:

You need to do more

Lillian2167 says:

OMGosh I need this game! Theme hospital was one of my faves! :3

Tyler Woolfe says:


Miss. Danni Tiger says:

I love these videos!

Noriel Ben Miel says:

Hahaha light headed

Diamond_Doom201X says:

well the light headiness made them bright LOL

Vaywen says:

Charlie Work!

Wilbert Cando says:

Nora about this plz

Luke Caramanico says:

Do more

PacoPichmenaBG says:


Luka Milutinovic says:

You know what to do Blitz, right?

Bine Tavcar says:

you are so cool blitz!

Pera Taua says:

Pls do more raft gameplay

Megarex Super Strike Gaming says:

We need more of the this game

Thredith Undomiel says:

The game looks fun!

Nightwolf 2 says:

Do more please

Nyan Squiddo says:

I’d like more from this quirky game

Hello World says:

Yay, I got the thousandth like! (Not that anyone will really care)

Rain says:

Hey Blitz! How are ya?

temmietale says:

The radio sounds like stewey

Lee Anne L says:

I want to work there, 14 day break sound nice lol. On my wish list! I love games like these, looking forward to the release 🙂

Romaru Darkeyes says:

The first level map layout looks exactly like the first level on the original theme hospital

Tobias Hoffmann says:

Oh, these memories! Theme Hospital = rat killing simulator!

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