Harambe Vs. Zookeepers! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Gameplay

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator we play with a giant army of chickens!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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the last pilot says:

sith and Stormtroopers storming rebel base ice level Rebels 20 energy pistols two laser swords and 10 laser muskets or whatever you call them Sit one energy sword master 10 energy pistols and 10 energy muskets

Francisco De La Cruz says:

100,000 dark pesent vs 100,000 dark pesent

Jesus Gallardo says:

Little did he know he just predicted the future…

Ungard says:

300 muskets vs 300 muskets

Turtle Turn says:

Blitz can you try the Boston massacre?

CalvinIsBae /Glamfaitt says:

Name defeat the fly)place sahara)10 chicken man man as a person) 21 super peasant as a fly

MrUnbeatable One says:

m16 VA chickenmanman

infectedbore493 says:

Keep your stick on the ice is from troydan

Sarah Kennedy says:

One trump vs 1000 presents

Mighty Eagle Gaming says:

I want to be a disaster in T.A.B.S. also sandstorm and a tsunami

Pink Guy says:

12:05 the chicken “man man” has a vigina

Cameron Barron says:

do 12archers vs 1 shield men

Rigo Garcia says:

esloke. que. mande. fuun. Nino. tien. 10

Hugh Fahy says:

can any1 tell me now to actually play this game ot sign up or whatever you have to do to play it

Mac Childs says:

Y you steal troydans outrow

Hameedullah Khan says:


Crocodile Smash says:

666k views Illuminati Confirmed

Dana Robinson says:

do a line of muskets to take do the chicken man man

Cole Luttrell says:

murderers vs civilians
murderers 50 theifs)10 chicken men

civilians 100 pesents)10 muskets)

Izzy plays says:

Stop making harambe jokes it’s annoying

Ambar Severino says:

we are the bebest

Aries Laughman says:

a balista can kill a dark pessent

Maria Ana Chavana says:

Blitz I saw one of the zookeepers killed the boy

TheMadGamer// ShariqTMG says:

*watchs king kong,thinks of harambe*

LBS Syke says:

They should add instant replay

paul coderre says:

dont disrespect harambe

Rigo Garcia says:

megustatu. video. pones. 1000. espadas. miss. vs. 200. vociadores

Baker Glover says:

the french and indian war

Bounama Sall says:


Friendly Destroy says:

100 muskets vs. 100 muskets

robloxian wolf!!! says:

can u do 10 chicken man man vs idk a few hundred presents

Torrey Polster says:

Do 100 dark pesents vs 50 chicken man mans

Peridot says:


Julian Michael Bautista says:

Sky Blasters vs The Elemental/ Units: Sky Blasters 2 Rows of Muskets and behind the muskets are 2 Trumps and middle of the Trumps is the M16 and The Elemental is 6 Super Peasants Behind the super peasants is 2 Super Boxers and 1 Dark Peasants

David Roberto says:

did anyone ask you navoi

the epic boy says:


steve` b says:

1000 peasents against 4 chiken man man

Aiden Knoedler says:

do musket men vs musket men

David Roberto says:

Blitz do cops vs a mob vs job red cops 5 pistol and ten sheild as roit police 2 beamer as snipers vs 15 barbarian 3 pesent and nine pistol and 3 barrio rollers

Mollie Jennings says:

hilary vs 100 pesants

SaggyDiapers YT says:

wrong just wrong

Jay mike says:

I would like to see Trump versus Hillary on tabs

joey mccoy says:

i thick you can

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