HALO Meets TABS! Viewer Suggestions – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

TABS meets Halo in today’s Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay video thanks to a viewer suggestion! Welcome back to TABS Gameplay!
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Cecil Ivers says:

This is actually one of the most creative TABS videos I’ve seen, and without an unnecessary facecam. Earned a sub from me, maybe will earn the bell too(eventually)

your every day geek and gamer says:

3 axe men vs. 2 ninja masters and one normal ninja

June Anilao says:


Androlito Games says:

No game will EVER be as good as any halo… But, nice try though lol.

Fengxia Wang says:

Do the battle of The Civil war
Union:15 muskets5 cannons10 footman20 shields 15 spearmen

Enemy:3 ballista1 catapult6 cannons10 spear throwers
Remove 3 cannons if it’s one sided

Swag BRO343 says:

Red team: 300 spearman vs Blue team : the Persians 200 swordman and 100 archers

Doowwy says:


Kendal West says:

Here’s a battle
Name alien war
The blue guys are the aliens
Red the humans
Do the battle on Scotland
Aliens frontline has 50 pistol blasters and behind them are hypnotized humans who are farmers and m16s and peasant in the back Beamers
In the front of the humans are farmers peasants and 5 pistol blasters in the back are m16s now hit start

Immanuel Nwosu says:

entak please ive been asking so many times can you ask the people who make tabs if the enrgy sword men can block lazer gun and the beamers

Velda Williams says:

Do 50 dark peasant vs 100 super pesents
Sorry I’m not good at spelling

Daniel Ola says:


Cringe4TheWin says:


1 Dark Peasant
One of EVERY Unit (Expect the Dark Peasant)
Like if u agree .3.

Beast_gaming1234 says:

Use As much muskets as you can vs a pheasant

PandaPeople3000 says:

Is it just me or does entak sound more, and more bored, increasing through each video?


do Russia vs America

Russia :9 m16 men /17 cannons / 5 beamers / 20 farmers

America : 1 Donald trump/ 1 Hillary / 19 m16 men /

aydn lairmore says:

gladiator units that spawn with variouse wea0opons

dudegamer 1 says:

Percy Jackson meets tabs
demigods: Kronos’s army:
40 Spearman and sheilds as demigods 1 dark peasant as Kronos
35 ninjas as satyr 20 Spearman and shield as demigods
1 super peasant as Percy Jackson 5 super boxers as minor gods

Dickinson Gaming says:

Revolutionary war
America red team
15 muskets
15 footman
15 shield
15 archers
2 balistas

British blue team
20 musket
20 footman
1 catapults
20 shield

Plz like!!!

eNtaK says:

Welcome back to TABS! Don’t forget to leave your battle ideas and thumbs up the suggestions you like 😉 Thanks for the comments and for watching. Have a great day!

Xx_Super_hyper-coffee_xX I says:

The tabs dev(s) should make a chainsaw unit

Dat boi Q says:

30 box cannons
2 chicken man man
Neon map

Wolf Andrew says:

who is number 2 the super peasant vs chicken man man

aydn lairmore says:

modern war blue super peasents 9-10 on each as planes m16 as soldiers thives as melee men beame e rs as s nipers chariot tank

Xendor Dawnburst says:

Projectile Units vs Melee Units-

Add as many of each as you want. Maybe only one Clinton, one Trump, one Chicken Man Man, etc., while adding a swarm of Spear Throwers and Head Butters.

Thomas D says:

5 super boxer vs 1 dark pesent

ţøçxîç hąźąřđ says:

every single master variants versus eachother in 1v1 combat to see who’s the best out if them

Scarecrow Gaming says:

27 sword 1energy sword master 26light sabers

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