GTA 5 – Ep. 2 (Medic Plays) EMS Simulation gameplay – EMS Live Radio!

Medic as a profession in real life and playing EMS Simulation gameplay for GTA 5. Lets go for Day 2. EMS Live Radio! @MountiesGroup @OneOceanTen

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Jay Halpern says:

Some times ambulances start out slow

Jesse Morales Esquivel says:

Benzo the best paramedic

Silverfox says:

One word: AWESOME

B9bot1 says:

Hey Benzo!

lukethegamer 39 says:

Great video again bro also there is a better EMS mod it’s the rescue mod try it it’s much better

Kaden Moore says:


David Dominguez says:


Jani Johnson says:


B9bot1 says:

29:01 timestamp/Benzoeffect

djblackmango says:

Benzo going straight for the EJ…I prefer bilat humeral head IOs personally 😛

Alex jdjdfjfj says:

If you could help me that would be amazing. Love the vids keep up the good work

Jungjay Yoon says:

Liked and shared. Great video!

Jake Stalec says:

You should join the group that the YouTuber One Ocean Ten is in. He does medic and police role playing in GTA. It’s really realistic.

Keith Bennett says:

Benzo Effect Time Stamp 13:45 #BenzoEffect Awesome video here

Alex jdjdfjfj says:

Benzo I’m not sure if you saw my comment but on your tutorial when you downloaded radiance v, it would not let me drag and drop the file into open IV. It opens in zip file and not the winrar file. If you could help me with that, that would be amazing!!

tom kennedy says:

Yo benzo could you do another call outs video

Pacioretty Snipes says:

hey benzo i was really wanting to download lspdfr but i dont know how much space it takes up. would you be able to tell me?

Itz Furious says:

Great work as always! Can’t wait for OCRP. You, Jeff, Buggs, Ryan, Yotelex and many more will make a great team. All of the players in the community actually!

Deputy Eric says:

13:46 how do you use a Jump bag?

The Great Simulator says:

This will explain your vast knowledge of EMS… What mic do you use

B9bot1 says:

Hi Benzo, what does TKO mean?

Kaden Moore says:


Nightmare Fredbear the III says:

#BenzoEffect 13:47

Mike B says:

13:47 Benzo time stamp!! If you’re new to the Benzo Effect YT channel please subscribe!! Become a Benzo Bro! Don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button for this episode! Follow Benzo on twitter @BenzoEffect! #BenzoEffect

Queen Juicy says:

Do Chicago ems

Riley says:

does it cost money for someone to be taken to the hospital

VeXGaming says:

@Benzo You should try GTA SA text-based RP servers such as OwlGaming on MTA or LSRP on SAMP, these offer a VERY realistic and immersive enviroment, and with the help of mods can make the game look stunning. There are also realistic facitons to join such as the EMS, FD and PD/SD. I think you’d enjoy it alot.

Chris Tolbert says:

Hey benzo effect you are doing a great job keep up the good work

George Ishaq says:

Benzo Effect 13:50, liked and shared #BenzoEffect

Benjamin Espinoza says:

Hi Benzo

TheRoadASTRA says:

holy crap dude. first off great radio report to the hospital was on point lmao. Great video man please make more.

X-Plane Aviation says:

13:47 love this realistic roleplaying and saying all this technical stuff!

Ryan Thompson says:

13:50 BEZO BRO

T1SP says:

Can anyone help me, since the new update I have updated Scriphook, and also rage plugin, but when I try to launch the game it says. “Unable to connect to download server”

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