Goat Simulator Gameplay and Commentary

This is the greatest goat simulation of All Time


Hummabubba says:

To me, this is Cr1tikal’s magnum opus.

T Brannen says:

@penguinz0 Your videos never fail to make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

DoublingTheJinx Yay says:

you have kept my dumb add from crying all day through school thanks for making the videos you do

Mike E says:

“Boogie oogie oogie til you just can’t boogie no more” hella old reference XD

The killing joke says:

honey nut cheerio nos

Abhirup Mandal says:

Funny commentating during that goat fight

Zack Jones says:

at 5:30 lol

MainstreamPoPsucks3 says:

Is it true that this is the most popular game in Saudi Arabia or is it labeled as pornography over there?

Stephen Montgomery says:

Ok am I the only one who thinks critical is brown man’s alter ego?

Talon Zeboski says:

Am I the only one who noticed the WH40K refrence?

Jason Harry says:

6:45 I died

Edward Crochiere says:

you have no sense of humor if you don’t laugh at least once playing this game

Soviet walrus says:

Huh I really thought you were a Above this game

FalconFlurry says:

If you could do a gameplay of visceral cleanup that would be fantastic

Claire says:


Max ._. says:

The least amount of click bait I’ve ever seen

Jason Harry says:

6:45 I died

Jukebox Laboratory says:

I don’t think there’s been a single video where Cr1tikal hasn’t had an erection.

UncleVenom 04 says:

Just his tone of voice makes me die. But when he says shit like “You fat sack of anus” I almost suffocate from laughter

StrikerSword says:


If u gotta 50 dollar bill Eat a dick says:

Shove a candy cane down my dickhole

mata schmata says:

pixels so big i could touch them

Isaac Frigotto says:


CyanBeyondGod says:

“Mattress Madness? I suppose, I’m about to take a shit in my mattress” glorious.

Sausage Mahoney says:

I forgot all about Headstrong

Aloha Snackbar says:

” You basket of Anus!”

KAIJU ' says:

Fucking Cubix

Jesse Vance says:

This looks fun as hell to play stoned

morimaki says:


The last prodigy says:

Oh no stomach cramps

Zerker161 says:

the first minute of this video needs to be censored

HorizonofOsiris says:

Nitty gritty goat titty

jazzle says:

“nitty gritty goat titty” is my favorite quote ever

Charlie Parizeau says:


Mike Hunt says:

So is this supposed to he like Goat Theft Auto?? Hahah

sour grapes says:

make a u-turn, get this business please?

Michael jordan says:

Goat simulator is not for child play app,,the game has a bad meaning like a devil

The Gelastic Fox says:

03:57 xD

Kaleb Lee says:

whos watching this in 2016

Aiden Sipe says:

let’s do this shit

Jukebox Laboratory says:

If anyone sees this comment go down til you see Gunwig or Gunwing’s already forgot how to spell it fuck, anyway go down there, and skip it, and keep going, it’s literally a conversation of Pewds and Cr1t which is the most awkward amalgamation of people defending themselves then trying to describe why Cr1t deserves more subs and why pewds has a lot, blah fucking blah fucking balh Pewds is Swede, Cr1t is Nipple fondler69 we get it

Epic Doge says:


FluxTavern says:

“If my dick doesn’t get sucked after round three, something’s wrong with our society” Should have been my senior quote.

Hazordous 4965 says:

3:42 I Laughed so hard for being so sudden! ^_^

Pelican Mcgee says:

your videos bring joy to my graveyard shifts

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