FREE and STUPIDLY FUN EVOLUTION SIMULATOR! – Evolution Simulation Gameplay First Look

Welcome to a FREE Evolution Simulator! Create strange creatures and watch them evolve and become better at performing basic tasks in hilariously unexpected way! Which one of my terrible creations did you like most?

Use joints, bones and muscles to build creatures that are only limited by your imagination. Watch how the combination of a neural network and a genetic algorithm can enable your creatures to “learn” and improve at their given tasks all on their own.

The tasks include running, jumping and climbing. Can you build the ultimate creature that is good at all of the tasks?

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Scrapy says:

this videos to cheepy

General Heeves 1080p says:

It’s doing the shimmy shimmy 14:38

Logan Paul says:


Paul Therrell says:

This game is available for iPhone on the Appstore.

Dragos Deaconu says:

Youre late to the party

Aubrey Joslin says:

7:15 max! Steal! Steal fails

LuckyTundraDragn says:

You said 40 while it was only 28

Julie Sackett says:

More ES.

Zack Peterson says:

ScrapMan Ryvicton muted me on the discord and was rude about it.

he was mean.

and my discord name is ZbotL #1523

สิทธิผล ท้วมผิวทอง says:


Distraveler says:

you have 2 SAVE buttons, in the creature menu you can save creature, but when simulation is already going clicking SAVE will save only actual simulation, so you can resume it later by clicking load simulation in the creature screen

FR 17 says:

This is just….. plain funny.

Dumb Gaming says:

climbing if too big it falls if to small it falls or cant climb climbing bones to long cant climb properly or stop itself from falling easily to short cant climb either way

Odious Ktenology says:

Make a circle and stuff as many muscles as possible in it.

I have not seen anybody do it online yet… so… enjoy!

Emerald Tech says:

It’s like an eye

Kyren Weeks says:


Michiel Moons says:

If it flips over, it’ because it wants the most distance in the time you set per generation, 10 secs is too low to let something get to walk but more to roll

texo77 says:

Moremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremoremeromoremoremoremoremoremoremore can you find mistake?

Scrapy says:

how do you exit the game?

The Golden TNT says:

The roller was working until you LEFT IT BEHIND


wackwalker 69 says:

Would you say you don’t have HI expectations hehe.

Hexx Bombastus says:

The little bipedal hermit crab should probably be able to climb…

Night Gaming says:

It’s like a crab

Dumb Gaming says:

i built a really bad creature on purpose it was horrible but at generation 130 it finally found a decently effective way of moving

Clark YZ says:

If You Love Scrap Mechanic then Youll LoVe Terra Tech Please make a series for TERRA TECH 50 like if you agree

Dumb Gaming says:

btw for the circle edit the neural net increase layers to 4 instead of 3 maybe increase layer size to 12 as well instead of 10 and it might work
increase amount of layers and nodes per layer for more complex and bigger creatures.

Yuri Gagarin says:

You just save the simulation

Matteo Forslund says:

It should be called the SKIPPING TURTLE

Neo Mohsenvand says:

check this out:

Java Elahie says:

u forgot to put one muscle it wasn’t to heavy

ElectricTRex Stringer says:

the reson you cant fast forward it is because the computer needs to learn

Kameron Quick says:

make a car like creature i have tried it but i have bad internet so its slow but its worked pretty good

Linux Wortiz says:

how do u get the game

Sean O'Donnell says:

Try to build a car!

Ski Guy says:

The camera button that is covered by your face has arrows next to it. You can click the forward arrow to speed up the generations

centuries fallout boys says:

That was not gen 40 or 20 dude it says the gen in the top right

Hulk Bug says:

Do it

backspace890 says:

i would have done: diagonal limbs connecting to both sides, and for jumping a “Z” with muscles

War Effort gaming says:

Whats the name of the background music

pacman 125 says:

I don’t have HI hopes for the first creation

BadassCat007 says:

do more

Jon Barnes-Nunn says:

Almost all of these creatures would have benefitted from more layers in the neural network.

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