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keep us informed that III thank you very much that was awesome!

glamis duner 12 says:

I live in southern California so I know how these trophy trucks and class one buggies handle

arturoicetre says:

if I was filthy rich I’d pay the 21 000 bucks for that setup. Unfortunately I got a tight budget…

goobie87 says:

this would be amazing with vr aswell

Micky Playz says:

Is fh3 kind of like the crew now

Damion Tummons says:

Pc guys welcome to Xbox live. Its going to be so epic.


He already regrew the beard?

Cloud 9 says:

VRX SIMULATION RIGS ONLY ON PC BITCH! no but really excited this game is coming to PC.

GetWithTheProgram says:

anybody know about new performance parts like engine upgrades and special parts

Mr_Eggie says:

is it free roam like forza 2

VinEEtTiLLu says:

whoa whoa man intense cool much much better than horizon 2

Thatbossdrifter 18 says:

is that david? (thatdudeinblue)

kimbercolt95 says:

that rig but with spintires

TheTraxxasManiacs says:

I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FalconGamer58 says:

The game’s demo is already gorgeous! Greetings Turn10Studio and PlayGround Studios!

Nick Van Riper says:

will this be for the xbox 360?

Shelby427Gaming says:

I love the added camera angle when you jumped the Class 1 buggy that made me more hyped than I was before

Cameron Devereux says:

if i got fh3 for xbox one would you guys plat it with me on xbox or no?

GetWithTheProgram says:

what about the car list?

David Peters says:

wat that game looks pretty awesome

Jude Roberson says:

in LA still?

Muscleman 91 says:

show more of FH3

w9 s2 says:

This game is way too arcade for me.

Jonne Kommenttaaja says:

saw nick here atleast he did a vid with this sim

Ethan Gee says:

Can’t wait for this, going to preorder when its pay day!

William Wright says:

That’s how I feed my eel

xXRenegadeGamingXx says:


Nuclear RC says:

cant wait!! looks amazing

Liam McGuinnes says:

Is there gonna be a free roam?

Keith MH says:

I need this game it’s awesome!!!!!!

I Am Sekou says:

Found David’s brother.

Alex Walker says:

Can you buy this whole simulation rig? That would be sick!

Matthew Anthony says:

That racing game guy looks like that dude in blue

TheWeeky says:

this was kinda useless, the WORST way to capture a game

Aadi Patel says:

Isn’t that tomcat

Kevin Lucca says:

Is it only races

Shelby427Gaming says:

I like the fact that some dick walked in front of the camera, I hate people like that

Catfish moto says:

i could easily make the hardware side of that sim but what software is goin there to move the sim

Dominick&MorganVlogs says:

damn Tom cat can’t drive.for shit lol. Awsome game though can’t wait.

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