Fortnite is now a Spiderman Simulation: Fortnite Battle Royale Grappling Hook Gameplay

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Jevaughn Francis says:

Great player super underrated

Dark Might says:

Grappler + Double Barrel = God Tier combo

Luke Craft says:

Anyone else feel like solos have got way harder recently? I used to have an 11kd for solos now it’s less than 9. The people I’m facing are way better than usual too, makes me feel like there’s skill based mm

Sammy Ivo says:

I’ve been watching you since your fist battlefront 1 video

nico5589bop178 says:

pretty nasty!!!

koolworld27 says:

This is more like it mate. Shorter videos with lo-fi music in the background. Informatative videos, entertaining viewing, keep up the good content bud.

the god says:

best streamer ever


Remember me from Livestream?

emmanuel lord says:

But geez ur good BrotaupShall

motoMikeFz09 says:

Hey Ups I actually play with the Razor Raiju controller and on builder pro and it definitely makes a huge difference in ability to perform well in FORTNITE, I highly recommend it

smegg joe says:

wow havent watched the past 4 streams this stuff is nuts now, do you enjoy it still? are you doing any battlefield today?

AbbexP says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your the only one that doesn’t clickbait
Like the video too

Aryn Got Game says:

I am actually in love with this grappler thingey mabob! But wanna know the funny thing, you use it to go to enemies and clap them but I use it to run away from them mwahaha!

Josh Stahl says:

kinda early so like if upshall is a god

Radek Dubiek says:


Alex Miller says:

Love watching you man! Makes my day a lot better at times

Steven Ludwig says:

Love your videos keep up the good work

Roger Bannerman says:

YOOO upshal thanks to you I’ve been watching you play solo squads and your rotations I just dropped a 21 kill solo squad it’s not that much but thank you so much

pozitivemore says:


RaGe GoaTkzy says:

PSN= Add me= RaGe GoaTkzy Epic Game= Add me= RaGe_GoaTkzy

brandon gomez says:

Bro u looked jacked when u went full screen lol

The_Guns_Roses says:

I have the same problem whit crounch on builder pro

Timothy landreneau says:

Haha Spider-Man is my fav along with Batman but great plays with that thing lol

emmanuel lord says:


Nasty Reload says:

Your a monster bro

L E S L I E says:

Upshall in your opinion.
Drum gun is an smg or ar?

ts games says:


Thatboisam 23 says:

Play with the other obey members like random,kiwis,formula. And please use builder pro

Sinister Anthony says:

Its more of a batman Simulation instead of a Spiderman

Steven Newell says:

Sah dude. I use the raiju with crouch mapped to the top left bumper (not the paddles) so that I ADS and crouch with one finger. I’m curious to see your mappings, might have to switch mine up.

Sp4rk_ Clan says:


No Limit.C says:

Nah the grappling hook is just another way to counter building ………

Artie Barnes says:

So cheese lmao I love it.

MendesS says:


Come Yeah says:

16:06 it was solos

Naveen Perpaga says:

Really feels Like Spiderman Upshall..GG

petey Q says:


Jared D says:

Good lord, the gameplay has evolved so much.

Thomas Campbell says:

What servers

NoRyans says:

shave your hitler stache but you’re a god tbh

silverfoxjedi says:

Wish I had a fraction of your natural talent. Superb to watch someone so on top if their game.

LST Keim says:

Get use to it and you will be a god

CEXEBLY1 says:


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