Formata – The Robot Army of Blitztopia! – Let’s Play Formata Gameplay – Alpha

Welcome to Formata! Formata is a robot war simulation game. You battle the enemies for control points and spawn in units like an RTS. Take control and dominate!
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Formata Gameplay Overview:

Gain resources, build your own army to lead it into a battle!
Create your own strategy, survive in difficult conditions and then break through enemy’s close formation to ruin their castles and reach the sole leadership on the map.

Do not forget about tactics when the fight is on! Good location and right formation will bring you an important victory, which immediately translates into an advantage for the whole war.

Catch your enemies by surprise, until they take a position and build a shield wall, provoke them to mess up the ranks, surround them and destroy completely! Catch up with those who run away and kill them all, because if you do not, they will return back with a sword in a hand!
Alternatively you can use your archers as your main power. While your strong infantry hold back the onslaught in a narrow passageway, a hail of arrows will turn the enemy hordes into heaps of corpses.

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For more information about Formata Alpha, check out the official Formata Steam Page:

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Fun Deluxe says:

I get a like if I trick you…

read more

Yanti Lee says:

Finnaly u play formata

killer kong says:

play more pls

The Lord Of Tartarus says:

I were meant to break the white stuff and ball

King Carter 2005 Elzey says:

I love it

HaloSquadron says:

I bought this game only to find out that I needed to upgrade two cores (to core i5) >: (

Ciałek xD says:

Kto z polski daje like pod tym komentarzem 😉

TheClun939 says:

Blitz more of this plz!!

Henry Del Angel says:

this is cool

dominik obora says:

this is so drawn out

kchfhfh says:

engineers build walls

TheAwesomeDog86 says:

Can you play this more? Also could you please upload more Horizon Zero Dawn?

Lucas Good says:

Is formata on steam

TheWanderingOne says:

Every 5 likes i do 2 push ups

Redstone Weewee says:


Louis Allen says:

Please do more

KevinCyndy Bedford-Fletcher says:

Oops Formata not Formats

Clebon Pension says:

11:50 well it happens when they have twice as many people as u

Dylon Purvis says:

You should keep playing this game

Ross Dun says:

Get the engineer symbol (hammer) to fix broken gates.

Will Joulie says:

Gets hit “can’t touch this”.

Dominic Nguyen says:

cool vid do more please!

Armando Granados says:

more more

Kareem Marcano says:

use engineers to repair the tower so when u cap a base u can spawn your army in that base

john Ryan says:

really fun to watch u should make a series on this game if there are more maps

ShadowHunter188 says:

do more!

Please enter a name Now says:

First victory I have every seen in this game loved the video

Michael Kong says:

get the engineers to the captured base!

Bacon Bot says:

I would totally watch if you made a series off of this!

Damian J says:


Heromaster says:

I love iT pls make more episodes of this keep up the Good work man

GChaco Fet says:

more episodes of formata

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