FIXING COMPUTERS for MONEY is AWESOME!! – PC Building Simulator Gameplay – Ep. 8

Let’s play PC Building Simulator! Own and operate your own PC building and repair shop! Amazingly accurate simulation of a PC repair service and I should know, since I had a shop like this in real life for 7 years!
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About PC Building Simulator

Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would drool over. With an ever-expanding marketplace full of real-world and realistically priced components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks!

Outro art by Kazzr & Kong:
Outro track is “There It Is” by Kevin Macleod (


Joseph Bartholomew says:

I’d send you my computer

Thirsty Troller says:

Ahh this is my dream job

Barry Brindisi says:

Gee, I didn’t think we, writers were so demanding as customers. LOL!

Jay Owens says:

This is what my brother does…

Hanna Elman says:

Paulsoaresjr please do more unturned videos

kamisama says:


DrSavagethe1 says:

yay more pc shop

DarknessHero says:

I absolutely love your videos Paul 🙂

Jake Wright says:

Hi! I’m a big fan! there’s this cool game I think you’ll like. It’s called Crynosaur:

Reptilian alien says:

Paul, you should play a game called “Feed and Grow: Fish,” please make it a series, I would enjoy seeing you play it. 😀

Zita Desousa says:

15th like

HisServant77 says:

Whew, Paul, I keep fearing that you win the lottery and decided to close up shop there!! Good for you but…I’d miss ya too much!

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind seeing a free-build episode every now and then 🙂 It keeps things interesting I’m sure for you, right?

David Elmvik says:

Nice vid mate

3XOTIC says:


Jahmar Buddle says:

To play o. You’re sever

Philip Rhode says:

Hey Paul what a perfect time to upload this game cuz I got a problem with my real life PC maybe you can help me.
Everytime I try to boot windows it takes over 20 minutes to start and sometimes it doesn’t even start.
So I unplugged my 2 Hdds and only let the Ssd with windows installed plugged in.
The pc start perfectly fine so I checked the boot priority and everything ist normal. 1.ssd 2. HDD 3. HDD .
But as soon as I plug in one of the hdds and restart the same problem happens again and the pc won’t boot do you have any idea how to fix that.

kevi c says:


Barry Brindisi says:

Definitely do a freebuild. You don’t have to settle for one type of PC. Different PC so different purposes and different needs. Have fun with that.

Jahmar Buddle says:

Hi Paul I watch your videos every day

ZeroB4NG says:

You just stole those guys green cables dude XD

Jahmar Buddle says:

I just can’t find it

tizkillingit gaming says:


Dank Fish says:

20th comment

The8BitExplorer says:

I recently picked it up from steam and it’s a blast! Thanks for doing this series, or else I probably would not have gotten it!

AJGames says:

What was it like when you had a PC repair shop? I want to run one some time when I get some more money for supplies. Any tips to get started?

Brainpop14 says:

If you do one of those free build episodes can you try out a system that I want to build?

Mark Carroll says:

building pc and fixing them is a dream job of mine

VioletWhirlwind says:

“Re Pa Ma Co Pu Tah.” XDXD Do people really send emails like that for ‘alternate repair’ jobs? XDXD

Vinvic1 says:

I’d love to see you assemble a PC in free build Paul. Come to think of it, I’d live to see you build one irl too!

But please continue this series, I’m enjoying it very much

Jahmar Buddle says:

I’m trying to download untered

Jninja says:

What ever happened to frost punk?

scahfahgeek says:

Could you do a free build and use the parts that I’m going to be using to build a pc in the not too distant future and see how it runs?

3DPDK says:

I tried to find a matching image but there are thousands of these photos on the Internet. Switchback roads can be found throughout the Alps from France to Italy, and about the only way to tell what country is by road markings or recognizing the stone type used for the embankments or buttress walls. I’m not that good at doing that. My gut says south-eastern France just because of the vegetation, but I could be completely wrong. It’s a shutter stock image but has no detail info on the photo.

Bay Usta says:

Download stranded deep how???

The Library says:

I’d like to see a freestyle build episode. I think it’ll be cool to watch someone knowledgeable in computers build a cool one with no actual monetary risk involved.

GreenCFS says:

E a r l y?

MagicDad76 says:

I’d rather see the “story” version rather than the creative version

Fede Correa says:

you forgot the plug the power supply on the diagnose problem computer lol

Semi-Gamer says:

The 434th !!!!

DMystic101 says:

YAY more PC building goodness

Zita Desousa says:

1484th veiw

Taylor Hinckley says:

My favorite series

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