Cooking Simulator First Look! Experience the world of restaurant cooking in a highly polished, realistic kitchen. Use ovens, gas stands, pots, pans, bowls and plates, everything you need. Prepare dozens of lifelike ingredients – from vegetables through fish to steaks and poultry – to cook over thirty real dishes, or anything you like.

Today, we almost set the kitchen on fire with an elegant Steak and Trout Meal with fresh potatoes, the finest herbs, and the clunkiest chef!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!


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Jordyn Crosby says:

It would be nice to see if they could add helpers to this game. To get you you’re ingredients, or bake stuff for you or something like that. Or maybe have other chefs in the kitchen that you can compete with. Just an idea

thessalonician says:

This game has absolutely terrible physics; in such a bad manner that it seems unplayable.

Jj317 says:


Kronixs_93 says:

This game with be even better if you had a full kitchen of online players

Mitz Newman says:

can’t wait until someone actually takes the game seriously.
tho VR would be fun to play.

1274627 26e66262 says:

Not surprised the client wanted a refund. Gave em half a lemon and a trout on a tiny plate.

leonitis So Lit says:

its funny me being a chef when you where just standing in front of stove waiting was very hard for me to watch you could have been cutting lemons and getting plate ready lol

Jeremy Tauer says:

415 FTW!!!

Zhen Chanel says:

Crazy ceef

Theo Gamer says:

How did you get the game?

shadowskater11 says:

good idear put gordon ramsays name in you kidi game video too get more views,

Lukas Grönholm says:

i cant wait for the “worst chef” challenge where you cant use any of the regular machines in order to prepare the food and just have to improvise

Nukee says:

how to get cooking simulator you? the cooking simulator is no avaiable 2018-2019! how to buy beta version???

Chicken says:

next up: terrorist simulator

ariodb says:

*Throwing stuff simulator

josh reader says:

Thats a poor showing

Kynan Rowan says:

I’m surprised it even cooked considering how many times you opened the oven just to check progress

Draw with Noora Online says:

What is the name of the game guys

Angga Ganteng says:

how to download

Azura RS says:

When i check in steam


Midna says:

you have to hold it down to pour, not click 5 times

André Fernandes says:

knives are sharp, but you already know something about that 🙂 Place a product, take a knife and hope for the best. As my girlfriend always says, “The shape doesn’t matter as long as the size is right.” Just make sure nobody chokes.

Lxrmulder says:

Uhhh im saving for pc but this game looks so good. When i have a pc and this game isnt too much ill buy it for sure

XDblocked?! ` says:


Andreas Jarud says:

you are terrible

Cai Yimiao says:

Where’s the Lamb Sauce!

Jared Micho says:

“December is going to be a busy month” I am watching this in feb. 2019 queue the curb your enthusiasm theme

seals 3051 says:

Still not out

Lucy Bayot says:


Mr.PianoMan says:

Wow! How did you end up getting this job? The owners must be insane!!

Queen M says:

ahhh I just kept thinking “PLEASE close the refrigerator” haha

JustSomeSush says:


Mia Tran says:

How do I get this game?

Imakebread says:


MrX says:

Can you cook anything like in real life?

Musa 23458 says:

Really liked it except I don’t really like timers ;/ they make me nervous XD

MrFaz says:

Great, now I’m hungry.

nathan sheeran says:

has the game came out yet?

mighty god king says:

how much will this game be when it come out for steam

Petar Blagojević says:

How did you play this game? Also remember to close the dam fridge more often!

prowinner gamer says:

where can ı dowlound

pitagoras11 says:

Este es un pro y Willy un manco XD

Lxrmulder says:

I hope the game will add alot to make and update to make even more stuff to cook and bake. Maybe some extra stuff and this game will be even better. Vr is offcourse nice but not a must

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