First Five Levels – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

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PixelPower says:


Sidd 065 says:

can u play Golf with Friends with few of the hermits

PiggyLogan says:


Jm nero says:

Who else besides me just continuously watches through all of these simulator videos X has for the funnzies? 😀

MrJohnweez says:

Very funny!

Galaxy Lord says:

Xiauma I loved the new “farm” you built on hermit craft, can you send a link to your twitch account to because I haven’t watched any of you live streams

Ben Stankovich says:

This game goes into open alpha 15th November!!!!

Kevin Spee says:

The Ballista seems to have gotten very accurate and destructive this update, perhaps use it more often at the back, but use a distracting pre-force so they dont blow up all of your guys.

TinyCreeperFace says:


Nenad Zdralic says:

“V” shape formation mate!

the lazy engi says:

do shield in font and musket behind

sky wesley says:


Star castler says:

Hey X, you should do some more 1v1s with the new units 🙂 Like a 1v1 episode version 2!

Girish Manjunath says:

This game is borderline uncanny valley.

Wake me Up inside says:

X, will you be live streaming tabs?

biggie cheese says:

enjoy yourself

Timeron Duncan says:

Wow. This game is so derpy and awesome! 😀

Jabberwocky says:

I don’t think that 5 levels per episode is a great idea. 10 would be much better.

_ Spedwards says:

I want to see a Knight unit added. Like a footman but heavily armoured.

CreeperLadMC says:

100% awesome

Guineapig show says:

Hi guys!

Svearald Blood-Anvil says:

i know this is irrelevant, but I wanted to say thanks for designing the chicken farm. It’s currently providing my realm with the only good we have. As a way of honoring you, I’ve also named my mule Sam Mule Jackson. Thanks a lot again, Xisuma! Love your work!

Jamieson Crawford says:

How do you get this game? Do you HAVE to pre-purchase cluster trucks?

TCF says:

Do more sandbox with samurai

turtlelore 2 says:

i thought the thumbnail had flamingos at first

ATG N says:

Levels are same

Pēteris Zvirgzdiņš says:

me too

mccidi games says:

Do you wanna do wynncraft with some hermits i think it would be really cool plzz react 😀

Random Wizard says:

I just love this

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