FIREFIGHTERS: THE SIMULATION – This Awful Shit Is Now On PS4 And Costs Twice As Much Money

The notorious Firefighters – The Simulation returns once more, backed by the Power of Playstation(tm).


Karma says:

Why all the shovelware? Like they should know that steam gets tons of shit for releasing this trash, and yet, somehow, they feel it’s a good idea to release this shitware on their store


Papa Shango says:

State of emergency on the PS1 had better graphics

emirhan ekşioğlu says:

Here is the thing, Jim, if every idiot youtuber buys this like you’ve done once upon a time even if it is to take a shit on it, these shameless hacks probably will make the few bucks they spent into making this horrid mess.

You bought The Life of a Black Tiger, jim. You bought it.

You, Jim, *bought*, Jim, this *shit*, Jim.


Kenshi G. says:

Maybe it’s “these” kinds of games that makes the PS store shit itself every single damn time I try to use it..

TriksterHD says:

16:15 I’ve got a sub title for you Jim, Firefighters: The Simulation -Re-ignited.

LJStudio says:

The sudden PlayStation logo at around 2 minutes made me laugh so hard.

Michael McMillion says:

So Fallout 4 Modding was a no go, but this game as A-OK on their platform? They clearly have no standards, so what was the real reason?

The Boone says:

Does Sony just know they won this generation and don’t give a fuck anymore?

Kaine Mckean says:

On the xbox one store i actually seen this, and i could clearly see… well…. it was shit haha but i thought it would funny to see what the comments had to say ” Wow! Great graphics” “Awesome! 5 stars” etc. i wish devs would accept the piece of shit they have spawned instead of creating fake accounts for commenting advertising advantages ffs!

Ant the Gord says:

Quickly, Jim… We need a state of the union address ASAP from you! It’s the end times, the end times! Steam’s shit “quality control” is leaking out into other types of consoles! Hold me lord and master, I’m scared. ;-;

Catty Mintgum says:

FOR $20
FOR $20

FOR $20

Yellow kleeborp says:

This game needs a fucking firefighter to actually be enjoyable

GreyEyedHunter says:

This looks like the imminent uprising of a digital homicide !

Resuarus says:

I was kinda sad that Jim didn’t notice/or comment on the “Asset Store” that was pasted around the city several times. I mean, the devs practically made the joke for us.

PlanetRift says:

10 to 1 that this is done by some kid of some manager at Sony.

Walther Penne says:

Exclusively on Paystation 4 😀

Well this is just another sign of the coming crash guys…Nothing to be so excited/surprised about…

Wait until you saw how many bad games came out in 2017! The year has just started yet…

Ben Wilson says:

Omg, the game is frame lagging even on the menu… that’s awesomely terrible

Zenith says:

Looks like something from the early 2000’s. These ‘developers’ really should get proper jobs, and stay the hell away from video games.

robert smith says:

They all look like they have a stick up their bum.

Rarest Garnet says:

14:00 MJ Slopson phases through the koala thing.
14:10 I’m surprised Jim didn’t notice MJ Slopson phasing through the pole in front of him.

Dylan Thompson says:

if you’re not playing it on the ps4, you really shouldn’t be assuming it’s the same on there. I’m sure that it is, but still, you’re acting like you’re playing the ps4 version.

Press B To Crouch says:

the driving looks like Stunt Racer I played on my Atari ST over 20 years ago lmao haha thats soo bad

FlameWhirlwind says:

the gaming industry dissapoints me sometimes

Greavesy says:

I was going to get this because it’s in the sale. Thanks for saving me the disappointment.

Carlos Escudero says:

you guys dare me to buy this on ps4?

Ivory Oasis says:

WTF this is crazy!!!! The price on this is OUTRAGEOUS. …. 11:41 …..1.56 a gallon of gas?! Sign me up!!

n0phex says:

I loled

Andromear says:

Games like this shouldn’t be allowed to be sold to anyone.

maxeypad says:

Should be free lol.

CrystaTiBoha says:

OMG the shit reflected in the rear view mirror.

??? says:

My working theory is that this is an inside job by Nintendo to make the eshop seem less shitty by comparison. Don’t be surprised if games like this start showing up on the xbox  one equivalent to the PS store.

Adam Henley says:

FFS. I just lost my fucking coffee you beautiful bastard.
“I want loose lips in my inbox”

disinfect777 says:

They use the same font that Microsoft’s Flight Simulator uses.

Super APM says:

Sony: We’re sorry
Everyone else: Don’t be sorry, be better

TankT9 says:

Well, modern consoles got DLC’s, 1st day patches, optimization issues, it’s only fair now they get appropriate games.

ilikemorestuff says:

You are so very brave Jim, I can’t even handle watching the footage you uploaded so I’ll just listen to what you have to say while reading the comments.

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