Farming Simulator 2017 Gameplay :EP81: Peterbilt Flatbed Autoloader! (PC HD Goldcrest Valley)

Farming Simulator 17! Today, we make bank with logs, Wool, and buy ourselves a new PeterBilt FlatBed Autoloading Trailer!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!

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Check out the Mod here:
Logging Autoloader Trailer:

Pallet Autoloader Trailer:

PterBilt FlatBed:

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Music by:

Kevin Macleod

…and I have full permission to use the songs in this video.


Dude Productions says:


Husky Kid 173 says:

Ypou should make a wool snake

Johncarlos350 says:


Beastofgaming 293 says:


Trace Dixon says:

you should start using manual ignition

Elite 111 says:

diesel there is an update for scrap mechanic

Cristian Rguez says:

Nice truck yet bad camera angles

Snowy Pup 6 says:

Your the best

Matiiss_ Liepa says:

come watch my first stream on fs 17!!!

Elizabeth McDonald says:

how did you get so many views and subscribers

Carter Rainey says:

Diesel designs we are like brothers from another mother we both play on PC we have the exact same mods and my farm looks just like yours I love your videos keep up the good work Nice basket

Nancy Hulsey says:


OMG ITS bo0m shakalakaa says:

Peterbilt 379 to be exact

wellend89 says:

The trains are like Bob Marley… always jammin’

German Farmer says:

The side loli pops on the bumper are those turn signals or are those strobes from Winston9587’s Peterbilt logging truck in FS15?

im_so_bad 22 says:

come watch my first stream

brenton brewer says:

do u have a custom built pc?

Mason Feyedelem says:

i think that view from the Peterbilt truck reminds me of an old gta game

Veton sela says:

hey mab been watching for a long time, whats up

Maxmov says:

That is a nice truck, but I have to agree that the camera angle is weird. Definitely a deal breaker for me. Great video nonetheless though!

John Stuck says:

doing good diesel

killaxe 101 says:

when is the next stream

Skyline73 says:

how to add this threes in trailer without touching them maybe with key ? can u tell me cuz im new in this game

edi simoncic says:

diesel why do you have your sensitivity so low?

Jordan Lunnon says:

12:10 “Farmer Diesel, he is dead, for logs fell on his fragile head”

MrBaconbit says:

Diesel hit the O key to change what side to pick up logs with. You are a great test subject 😀

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