Farming Simulator 2017 Gameplay :EP65: Placeable Storage Barn! (PC HD Goldcrest Valley)

Farming Simulator 17! Today, we do more work! Harvesting up with the New Combine and loving it! Then, we experiment with the mowers from multiple viewer comments…stupid Windrowers. Then, we place a new Mod the Placeable Storage Barn!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!

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Check out the Mod here:
Logging Autoloader Trailer:

Pallet Autoloader Trailer:

Placeable Storage Barn:

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Music by:

Kevin Macleod

…and I have full permission to use the songs in this video.


Baileesowhat says:

Diesel where is the link for the auto loading trailer

Blaze Starkey says:

their is a xbox one game of it

sloth1256 says:

Diesel if you get the courseplay mod you can have workers wind row, bale and wrap. If you are sick of your drunk workers I can show you how to use it.

Noob Gaming says:

you can put both mowers on the front

Aaron Williamson says:

it is pronounced like sew like you would with a needle and thread

joeandkristen08 says:

rufio fufio rufio lol

Mason Feyedelem says:

hey diesel what was his last name, because I a Hungarian nationality?

And Happy New Year to everyone for everywhere

Ernest Bryant says:

shout out plz

Tyler Whalin says:

say it like so er. sower. have you heard the saying. you reap what you sow? (so). same word. sower. Loving the vids man.

The Minecraft Gamer says:


Tyler Long says:

diesel how do you get your mods to work I have my mods in the mod folder but they don’t show up in game do you think you can tell me how to get them to show up in game ?

Dude Productions says:

On the haybale you can unload the bale of hay by pressing a key.I think

Vybeck Slays says:

I just started playing this game two days ago, And i went hard.. By starting on the hardest mode went 200k in debt because you start like 1k in debt, so i freaked and sold everything i had that i didn’t need… including my placeables like the vehicle sheds and such, I think i did right. 😀

Ross R says:

It’s a sower as in tow or toe not a sour haha

Evan Kaiser says:

I believe it’s time for a new cultivator!

Anthony Bokern says:

Diesel do the mods work for Xbox one

PHIL H says:

with the wind-rower and mower if you put all the mower attachments on the front then the wind-rower on the back it works alot better….and A Happy New Year

Neily Bobber says:

holy. 169 sheep!?! ……gigidy

William Stone says:

Don’t sell the green vulgar and get it to 100 hours and see what happens.

PrinceofLight2000 says: says it’s pronounced “soh”, same as how you would say sew. Looks to me like you got trolled.

BuilderCrew PlaysMC says:


Jack says:

Tis the season to hit the sauce falalalalalalala

Garrett O Dowd says:

just plant from the side and can you gI’ve me a shout out please

Brownie Gamer23 says:

Hey diesel

Gamers On Live says:

you know you have a verry fast car why do you never use it??

Mouadh H says:

why dont you put that storage barn near where you put your equipement but you have to cut some tree there 🙂

you can alsa cut all those tree a put some green houses! thats what a i did

glad that i could helped you with that mod:)

happy new year

BuilderCrew PlaysMC says:

Happy New Year From Australia!

G-man says:

I don’t think diesel has ever really farmed in real life.

dan smith says:

It’s not sour it’s sower
Someone was trolling you

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