Farming Simulator 2017 Gameplay :EP63: Logging, Wool, & $500K CASH! (PC HD Goldcrest Valley)

Farming Simulator 17! Today, it’s Pay Day! We sell Wool, 8 Loads of Logs, and over 50K Soy Beans for Top Dollar and make some serious Cash! Over $500,000!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!

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Music by:

Kevin Macleod

…and I have full permission to use the songs in this video.


Paweł Mytlewski says:

Diesel where can i get this wood autoloading trailer? 🙂

LukePlays says:

Is it just me or did he sound like that one guy off of Family Guy at 15:48? xD

Carson Vandehei says:

Is the auto loading log trailer a mod

Daniel Leclair says:

I love how you sing

Camodo Gaming says:

I’m now addicted to watching Farm Sim….

Master Rhino Gaming says:

Love your vids keep up the good work

Ramon Pedroza says:

how you got all those tools?

Aaron Kriner says:

Noob question but what’s this HD goldcrest?

super2222sd says:

When will you get rid of those skid of seed , fertilizer … use them you already pay for the content

rapid killez says:

diesel you can attach more than one trailer to the wool trailer

MattHaslam Productions says:

Why don’t you get a trailer for each type of product such as corn, wheat, etc. that way you can keep a few trailers next to each of the sheep and pig enclosures so you don’t have to go back and forth as much. Love this series btw and binge watched the whole thing this past two week so keep up the good work!

Juris Gulbens says:

hey I rily like your videos

SwedishTrasherX says:

Nice video today

Conor McDonagh says:

He sounds like stewie from family guy

Dakota Snider says:

Hi diesel ur one of my favorite you tubers thx for the entertainment in ur vids and nice song lmfao

Ernest Bryant says:

iv had a bad day do to walmart

Chad Stephen says:

Chuck Woolsey lol

Brownie Gamer23 says:

Hey Diesel

Jayna E says:

is auto log thing a mod

1314K3 VGUP says:

You should get the Krone Big M mower and then buy it. If I’m correct, it windrows and is 13.2 meters wide. You’ve probably been told about it already but I just wanted to make sure. Here’s a link:

Chef Boyard says:

On fs 16 I got like 14k for one tree

domenic caledonia says:

Diesel sell the New Holland TC5.90 harvester and purchase a bigger harvester or maybe two. 😉

Chuck Finley says:

hi gang, i’m new to FS 2017 and i’m curious where Diesel got that trailer that auto loads. I’ve been trying to load a trailer with Fertilizer and Wool and i’m about to go crazy trying to stack pallets on that thing!!

Kyle Ribeiro says:

What trailer did you use for the wool? Is it a mod if so what is it called?

Ryan Beheler says:

if only you could really make that much money in a hour that would be awesome.

Uroš Grohan says:

Hey Diesel,
can you pleas tell wich auto-loading trailer for logs is this? I cant find it.
Great videos 🙂

vickthexptamer 1234 says:

plz do a streem of scrapmevenik that way the fanes can se problems and help you out

Antolol Herrera says:

hay subscribe

Mason Feyedelem says:

you get 7,000 per thousand of wool and there is 4,000 per pallet

enrique gamertv says:

is there going to be a live stream tonight??

That off brand bleach says:

More scrap mechanic plz

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