Farming Simulator 2017 Gameplay :EP62: Silage for BIG MONEY! (PC HD Goldcrest Valley)

Farming Simulator 17! Today, we sell some liquid manure, then we cut our grass field for the first time and make Big Money on Silage!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!

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Music by:

Kevin Macleod

…and I have full permission to use the songs in this video.


Alen Vuk says:

nid laystrim

Ray Hill says:

I love your videos

Gavin Anto says:

I am posting this comment so people can not say first. Love your vids diesel

Ethan Jackson says:

U have 2 ferment the grass before u sell it to make the most money

Ethan Jackson says:

Do not bale it and pick it up either the forage wagon

SmartWolfCat says:

did u start easy, normal or hard?


Lucas Johnson says:

Face reveal

Bigrig Guy says:

can’t go through it

Karlis Klestrovs says:

@DieselDesigns, you should get the Krone Big M Mod so the moving is faster and it automaticly windrows it and u can hook up a baler at the back of it and automaticly bale that stuff. P.S. it works with a worker!

sean y garcia perez says:

Why didn’t you us the scropoan king

Itsjuststuff says:

The tunnel has an invisible wall in the entrance

Mouadh H says:

can we have a link for that round baler mod ?

mr spongebob says:

u cant go through the tunel

Dovah_Meta says:

I thought they call you Mr. Glass not Mr. Grass

Brandon Harper says:

Why don’t you mount both mowers on the front and pull a tedder? Can kill 2 birds with one tractor.

RockAZ says:

You can get more cash out of liquid manure by spreading it on your grass fields as fertilizer. The yield on your grass field goes up each time you fertilize it too, and it makes for a shorter and easier way to dispose of the manure.

Raptor says:

Great channel man. You commentate like I do. It’s about having a good time and getting the job done. Good luck and best wishes on getting to 100k subs.

Razor Bros says:

@DieselDesigns, where did you get your auto load for the forestry? I can’t find one to download.

Countrygamer25 says:

If you go through the tunnel you just get stoped

Enderman dj says:

Can you Sub me diesel

1314K3 VGUP says:

“Unnecessary things are unnecessary.”
– Diesel, 2016

Ethan Jackson says:

U will make at least double if not triple of that if u ferment the silage

Kenneth Lewis says:

where did you get your trailer? i cant find it online

AidenXCracer135 says:

That auto trailer mod is that avabile for us

Dubstep_ Master says:

@Dieseldesigns where you get the flatbed auto loader? pls tell me i found one but no autoload script pls ?

Mandus Jonsson says:

can someone be so nice and tell me the swedish time when the livestream start beacause i cant the different time zones 😛 (sry for my english)

Annalise says:


Biszak Örs says:

Hey, Ice Cube reference, I like it!

Hank Hodgkinson says:

#grass cutter

Dons farming Channel says:

I’ be there for live stream mr grass

Kieran Murphy says:

when in dought leave it out

Levi Garrett says:


super2222sd says:

@DieselDesigns can you use the windrower attach to the triple grass mower

Jens Solbjørg says:

Ehm Diesel, Can you sell “poop” with every slurry tank?

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