Farming Simulator 2017 Gameplay :EP1: Gold Mining Map! (PC HD Mining Map)

Farming Simulator 17! Today, we try out a new Modded Map of Goldcrest Valley! It’s a Mining Map that lets you mine for Gold, Coal, and MORE! Let’s check this out while we wait for the Kuhn DLC to drop!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!

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Check out the Mod here:
Mining Map:

You need these mods to get water to load:
Universal Process Kit:
Kotte Universal Pack:

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Music by:

Kevin Macleod

…and I have full permission to use the songs in this video.


skullsplitter456 says:

yo diesel! you might able to use a conveyor belt to fill your tipper. its auto loading into the bucket so it should let a conveyor belt place whatever you want right into the tipper. probably should make sure its not going to make big piles on the ground but if it works, it would be a lot easier to load your tipper. less realism but easier. then its less boring for us viewers to watch. if you get what i mean. keep on, keepin on!!

the farming kyle hey says:

you are the best

the farming kyle hey says:

no sorry

Brian James says:

use you r mouse button to quick tip the shovel

Cooper Atkins says:

hello from Australia

the_frgtn_drgn_fleet says:


Ben W says:

More mining

patrick kossewski says:

is this for xbox 1 as well or just pc

fuss about it fussy says:

love the vids keep up the good work

06bougourdd01 says:

Use a conveyer

Joseph Vanheiden says:


Farmer Terse says:

Gold Mining

The annoying Orange says:

I have one of these in real life

david thorpe says:

where can i find the auto loading log trailer

theSwedishChef0 says:

The tailings is all the material that has been separated from the gold

car guy vids says:

Woop haha

Aaron Kriner says:

Map has potential but needs some more work

Alex Mencel says:

tailings are the rocks and other things that come out the back of a washplant (the thing that gets the gold)

the farming kyle hey says:


James Earp says:

consoles kuhn pack droped at 8:00am St.E.T

James Earp says:

hi from N.C.

Alek Barrington says:

awesome would love to see more

the farming kyle hey says:

I love him

the farming kyle hey says:


Ender Edge says:


chriss granly says:

when EP2 com ? 😀

The king Coder says:

Have you watched the squad?

Roxane Dyk says:

whens the live stream

Mike H says:

Would be cool to see more like once or twice a week one for the load /set up and one for the gold clean up. Bout start with gold clean up then get ready for next week’s one something like that

Preston Schneider says:

you can back up the trailer it will automatically load depending on the trailer

Seth Smith says:

live stream!!!! oh yeah!!!

the farming kyle hey says:

Farming simulator I like it

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