Farming Simulator 19 – Tending to Animals | PS4

Meet the animals of Farming Simulator 19 in this brand new gameplay trailer!

Farming Simulator 19 is the most complete farming experience ever, coming November 20 for PlayStation 4. In this new gameplay trailer, explore one of the many activities on your farm: raising and tending to your various animals. For the first time, care for and ride horses around the beautiful environments of your home and the surrounding areas.

As part of creating the largest Farming Simulator ever, many animals are available to be reared on your custom-designed farm. Cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens each have unique needs and rewards for effective farming, and which you choose is entirely up to you. React to the market and focus on the most in-demand produce or have a broad strategy with many more machines, processes, and area requirements.

Horses are a brand new addition, rideable for the first time as a new means of traversing the land in and around your farm, allowing you to train them up for sale at a high price. Keep them healthy with the new oat crop, and transport them between locations in unique equipment. They join over 300 vehicles and tools, including the John Deere brand for the first time, new environments, and new crops in cotton and oat to make Farming Simulator 19 the biggest and best Farming Simulator of all time.

Farming Simulator 19 is a giant leap forward for the multimillion-selling franchise, providing the richest farming game ever made for PlayStation 4. An accurate simulator at heart, filled with deep management options, the accessible sandbox mode lets players of all skill and experience levels learn and enjoy one of gaming’s most popular genres. Mod support on PlayStation 4, plus multiplayer with up to 6 farmers keeps the experience fresh for endless hours of play.

Farming Simulator 19 releases November 20 for PlayStation 4. Pre-order the game and get a bonus vehicle!


Jim Nastics says:

Can anyone find the song in the background? I can’t seem to find it

jhaneck _levs says:

beatifull game

aidenjpg says:

the game my inner 13 year old crazy horse girl has been waiting for

Righteous1 says:

I’d like to date a hot farmer’s daughter

Shawn McLean says:

What’s that song called it really triggers me to know that I don’t know it please tell me

Ryan Jack says:

Red dead 2 looks epic

Kieran J. Weir says:

GOTY once again baybee

Maxfoox says:

Welcome to SONY Simulator 2019

Vicky Gvnn says:

Que carajos es esto?

Michael silva says:

Max Caulfields farming simulator after Photography she took up farming

Minecraftian Spookyguy says:

Rdr2 dlc looks great!

NicKorn 95 says:

Ma chi se ne fotte di red dead redemption 2?!?

That One Guy Named Matt says:

Can you put them down when they’re not performing optimally?

Sartern says:


berkan gültekin says:


Sternkrieger says:

I bet this game is even more realistic than RDR2 since it’s a simulator!

Victor Dinorin Montesinos says:

745 germans liked this.

Bengal Music says:

Looks wayyyyy better than Construction Simulator 2

Cibkooo Wright says:

I’m so pumped for rdr2 that I thought this is the launch trailer because of the horse in thumbnail

Vincezilla says:

Can you slaughter and butcher your own meat?

Borys Zahorui says:

I am vegan and I am triggggggeeeeeeeerd

Noir Angel says:

Life is Strange 3 looks great!

Sweet Mustard says:

if there is no russian language again, um gonna kill myself.

Jordan Cabral says:

Wayyyy better than SJWfield

Luiz Carlos says:

Portuguese translation Brazil

Volo says:

Maybe I should but this game as an appetizer to the main course

Orkan Osmanoglu says:

But what about the testicles tho.

PioVlog yey says:

Name of the song? 😀

Dave Power says:

song?!?! So much jam on one farm

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