Farming Simulator 19 | First Look Gameplay

Welcome to Farming Simulator 2019! Join me as we experience Farming Simulator 19 for the first time on the Felsbrunn Map
I will be making a full let’s play for FS19 very soon. This is my first look experience video for the game and not a review.
This was sent to me by Giants Software in return for my let’s plays ( I am not being paid by the company to produce them)

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Please note this is an early access copy and the game is likely to change/be patched prior to release.


JFM says:

looks 2014-2015 game

Bernd Krieger says:

Great stuff, Dagger! I am looking forward to my Christmas present!

Farmer Pierce says:

Nice video!!

BossBoy 59 says:

Hey daggerwin I am a huge fan.i am English ( just like you ) thanks for introducing me to farming simulator 17 I have downloaded nearly every mod and I would play it 24/7 but I am young so I have a bed time. Thanks if you read this message and I love your channel.

Thank you
Also DM me on my channel or give me your Instagram and we can have a chat ( mabey play FS17 together ) that is if you would like to

Sorry again but I will be buying this on steam for sure. You make every game you play look so fun

Mr.EDM says:

looks like the previous one :/

1389 Gaming says:

Does Xbox 360 controller work with this one. 2018 was a mess playing with a controller

GirlsSuckD GT says:

Thats 17

Andy Olofsson says:

Dis is the best fs ever

Josh Richardson says:

Can anyone help?!? I have large grain bin with 3 addition bins and it says I have 229,000/500,000 soybeans in owned silos then in silos (other) it says 229,000/700,000 but says empty when I try loading with my semi? Anyone know what the deal is?

Cody Smith says:

Need to fix the glitches

BoxCell says:

*Farming Simulator 69*

William Moses says:

yet another farming simulator set in in EUROPE
how about creating on that depicts farming in the UNITED STATES

Prized Toco says:

*too hard*

Amazing Video says:

Brother Yar, let’s play this game in mobile too

Bogodo says:

city skyline !

Katie Simon says:

How do you by farms

came5170 came5170 says:

can u try hiring a worker

JurassicCheese2005 says:

Where’s the doggo

petemason57 says:

Only been playing FS14 on mobile phone for a month and enjoying it, but it has issues that seem to have been carried on to FS19. Found too many to list and it sure seems the devs have not made any effort to resolve them over the years. Some graphics are so unreal and proves those who do the reviews just suck up to the devs for a free game. Your reviews are pretty good and unlike the Americans you don’t get excited and act stupid. Nice work bud.

A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House says:

I should be qualified to play this game since I have sex with my sister, correct?

TheLastMeme 0_0 says:

Wat no john deere forager?? 🙁

CsVitamin Cringy says:

Do all the John Deere tractors have a sticker on that says ” My john deere made her clothes come off ” cause mine does have it lmao

JurassicCheese2005 says:

Can you get a digger

Flipside7676 says:

Anyone know when some sort of patch that fixes day 1 bugs for consoles is out? Had game since day one and still cant play it due to simple fault such as axis switch. This seems to be the year for crappy games because of greedy game companies.. Fallout 76, Battlefield v and now Farming Simulator 19.

Wes says:

Land and crop textures still look crap. Isn’t there a better way to render them rather than using faux 3D tessellation? I just laughed at the horse riding bit, talk about crappy modelling and mechanics. I’ll wait for this to be in the Steam batgain bin for £9.99

Prized Toco says:

*who could play this for more than a week, i just dont get it how is this fun, explain to me y people love for this game*

Константин Иванов says:

i think that the 19 version is almoust like the 18th version.Only the graphics are better,but stil it is the same

James Thompson says:

Is it for xbox one

Carter Lang says:

I’m so jelly I want this game sooooooo bad

Stormfur says:

Hey is this going to be finally good farming sim for xbox?

Michelle Harkins says:

i am getting fs 19 tmor

gamer maj 2004 says:

how giga ram have you

Josh V says:

They need 2 add throttle control for better or worse fuel management/power for equipment

Filip Johansson says:

How you can get so much money


i need some help for
fs 2013 crash for mr tractor no more space

Boy Gamer says:

Can’t wait for FS19 for Christmas I will be doing a sires on Christmas

Christopher Wyller says:

At first glance I guess i’m kind of disappointed in the graphics. I was expecting something mind blowing considering the trailers I was watching. But other than crop bending I see no difference from fs 17. Not to say I won’t play the game but i think i’ll wait for the mods to show up not to mention my favorite maps. And for the game to be on sale. I think it’s overpriced at this point but hey, stuff like that happens when you get too popular. Back to fs17 and all my other farm game treats.

MG says:

But does it have battle royale mode?

W. Wesson says:

a real farmer would never drive a tractor like this. Ripp the edge first the endrowes at last

Laura Pasieczna says:


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