Farming Simulator 17 Gameplay | Fact Sheet Video 9

In this video I show you some of the latest Farming Simulator 17 gameplay footage released by Giants software. These are release in conjunction with the fact sheets.

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Alec Denholm says:

Is it just me, or does there seem to be no noticeable improvement in graphical fidelity between FS 15 and 17? I’m aware there are improvements in sound quality.

Arthur Hill says:

wow only went up 4 mins ago and already 150 views

Oliver Haines says:

the grass in front of the tractor looks realistic

Nygamer says:

The finland manufactures the Valtra and you can order the tractor painted gold.

MrMattybruno says:

does anyone know if the tractors are customisable on console? or is it just PC?

Mitchell Cross says:

Mud? 2.38

devil dog says:

+daggerwin do you have a HTC


great, vid

Ken Stretsoc says:

Where do you find the videos? I can’t find them

xNightcoreMAx Gaming says:

Our family farm owns one of the lely hibiscus 1515.

Steven Clark says:

heyy daggerwin 1st up ur great bloke and iam from Australia u should come here one time buddy

AaronB 123 says:

will there be a Lets Play to day Daggerwin for Knaveswell

10 LV says:

Can I get 5 likes it would Make my day

Köttbullar says:

Suomi VALTRA PERKELE… Valtra is Finnish tractor and made in Finland 🙂 Finland POWER!!

Blake Nedelkov says:

Hi daggwin i have have a YouTube channel and I would like if you can watch them and subscribe to me

Cameron Ginger says:

Great video

Iain Robson says:

It looks like a nice rake. Hopefully they will keep the 18m krone too

thomas part says:

is val tra not valtra

Jonathan Maybury says:

If only we could have 3D land.

Gamesplay29 X says:

Dagger you uploading again

Ruadhan Beggan says:

Plz do a tractor run

Dino Kulalic says:

i hope they offer us a home to walk into, just somewhere to sleep for the night

Jan Schakelaar says:

All the tractors are cheaper per hp, or am i wrong?

AlfaNick says:

Giants: “how do we sell the same game for double money? Aha Lets just rename it and pretend it is a different game”. You have to be a colossal moron to buy this game. Its like knowingly being cheated on. Dont WASTE your money!

Blokkie Games says:

The color is really nice, i’m not a fan of Valtra but he color looks nice!

Bram Drost says:

Lely, a nice Dutch brand.

Colin Wolfmeyer says:

where is farming expert

Ben Fenwick says:

Hi dagger

Kevin Ford says:

Do you have to pre order to get this tractor, on steam

Daniel M says:

great video

Metroplex 2428 says:


Patricia Spirling says:


Michael Og Mullin says:

Great video and nice tractor

Aaron Cowley says:

1st one

Dylan Wakley says:

No high horse power tractors? so a 37″ hp Massey, 390 hp fendt and a 380 hp deutz are mid range?!

kickbutt 101 says:

Love the tractor dagger pls use it when fs17 comes out

Alfiejames Drury says:

Can’t wait till the game comes out daggerwin what are u most excited about fs17

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