Farm Repair Complete : Farmer’s Dynasty Gameplay (PC Early Access Simulator

Farmer’s Dynasty Gameplay! Today, we repair the whole farm to 100% and start making our plan for how to set up our farm!


Thanks for making me a part of your week!



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gregory siebers says:

Bought game and never got past load screen…. Rip

jayrock825 mc says:

Like 3 awesome

[ D3DNS1D3 ] says:

Merry Holidays Diesel. Dieselmania coming on strong in 2018!

corey adams says:

Social points give you discounts at the shops

ivan revalls says:

Search up a Cadillac Eldorado

Mert Kasap says:

A love you

Roblox plus more 12345 says:

You can press F1 to get a tool out and to get in the food/tools menu with the time money and that is F2

Charles Becker says:

you also have to repair the fence around the entire property

KC Outdoors says:

You forgot a foundation by the stairs

Mert Kasap says:


William McCormack says:

Only Diesel would be working away and start singing some Def Leppard m/ m/

Jonny Taylor says:

you get then hens from the agricultural store. ull also need feed from there as well. theres a truck at the lowest vehicle store on the map when you buy it you can replace everything with new materials rather than repairing stuff but its not cheap.

Andre Dawson says:

Love the movie quotes man. Keep up the good work.

Craig Evans says:

To get the harvester you need to do a job for someone

Aaron Spitzley says:

There’s a rebuild mode you should use an all the metal that doesn’t look like you can fix.

Finite Mischief says:

Wonder how many people will get the “Hello my name is Simon” reference? The old school references that I haven’t heard in a long time are great. Thanks neighBOUR.

Charles Becker says:

and when things are missing you have to rebuild them

Ashton Laform says:

You can change the repair configurations in the settings so that all you have to do is hold down the button for repairs.

Kind CoLLaTz says:

Im sry but how can u have fun playing this and try and make it entertaining?

Mr mad man says:

I LOVE these farm videos keep up the good videos

Jordan Taylor says:

social points allow you to get discounts on farm machinery

Arun Abraham says:

make the videos longer please!!

Barca Gaming says:

Yes… I’m still alive.

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