F1 2016 Pure Gameplay at BAKU: Simulation Damage & Crashes (Haas F1 Car)

F1 2016 Gameplay: Baku, Sim Damage, Haas F1 Car, Ultimate AI. Let’s do this.
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
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Scuderia_Rob says:

“Why doesn’t F1 2015 have wheel-tethers?! How unrealistic!”

*Codemasters adds tethers for F1 2016

“…the wheel tethers look stupid! How unrealistic!”

There’s just no pleasing some of you, is there?

Le Tigidou says:

Not having this game makes me feel like I’m a GP2 engine.


stig16 says:

I like how they’ve got Toto Wolf at the end.

Weibo Guo says:

shit physics disappointing.

Ilyas Ali says:

how long can ultrasoft tyres last min to max

markomark 92 says:

its obvious who will win almost every race lol

GTRacinggames says:

What ‘s up guys 🙂 liked tiamet

Karaoke Trucker says:

I’m sick and tired of These greedy idiots bring out the same old game as last year with just a few silly tweeks and some better colouring in. When are they gonna give us a game we deserve, I.E. Full pit lane control, Walkable pits, Proper crash physics

Yankem1991 says:

Play Singapore or Monaco

Jeremy J. says:

Baku is one of the most beautifully insane tracks to emerge in the last, dunno, 30-40 years!?
It´s gruesome, it´s extreme, it isn´t even exactly safe! Wonderful change of the usual pace of Tielke-designed runoff areas.
Edit: I know this is still an early build, but the AI looks extremely unrefined… And the penalty system still screwing you over by blaming you on crashes where *the other guy went for a non-existent gap and then turning into you*.
Business as usual 😉

Ardon says:


VOTE HERE: http://www.strawpoll.me/10942797

Stephen King says:

lol Ur shit

crazysweed says:

drive till the tires explode

Your Favorite Elite says:

the first two incidents looked like you were behind the ai car and should have backed out (according to the rules ) so maybe you were at fault? that being said they should leave more space!

Mr K says:

HUD covering the mirror?Why?Can u remove it?

ct gaming says:

have you thought of doing a wheel cam

LoneRed says:

man that wall is a real dick bro wtf lol

Vikstar United says:

And also that was Haryantos fault

Gabriel Berger says:

I like the new proximity arrows. Before you might not notice them, but these chunky ones are much better.

Rowi B. says:

is that on ps4 or pc?

FisicoKart1 says:

That beep sound (ERS?) is so annoying!

leandro oliver says:

damage lol

Gamers Unite says:

dry tyres wet track or wet tyres dry track challenge please

Duelcoot 88 says:

turn 8 oh my sweet mother mary jesus.

online = total wipe out !

Nossy 123 says:

I want battles like this in career mode, I don’t care about points and podiums I would prefer a realistic Manor career mode, does anyone else like it when Ben has a bad race?

Christian Cassiram says:

McLaren-Honda gameplay please Ben.

Alejandro Cuadro says:

AI is shit!!!

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