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Welcome to Virtual Virtual Reality, a virtual reality video game on the Oculus Rift! V-VR is a narrative-driven comedy-adventure game about VR and AI. In a future where AI has transformed society, can humans still find purpose? Find out with Activitude, a service that lets humans aid AI clients in increasingly curious ways. Follow the instructions of Activitude’s AI overlord, Chaz, and find your calling in this tech-fueled future – or try to break free and reclaim your humanity before it’s too late. Use virtual VR headsets to explore over 50 unique virtual virtual realities, going deeper into the inner workings of Activitude as the story unfolds.

Key Features:
50+ unique virtual virtual realities
An artichoke screams at you

Virtual Virtual Reality:


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Kryshton Gaskill says:

would you pls do more

Le Docteur says:

I don’t remember playing that doll house part.
I was playing the game on an oculus go though…
Did they make an update to the game?

gamersmoke_ 55 says:

You should play pavlov vr

shadowslayer 2594 says:

Do more

Guy Zubakov says:

more plz!

TheLittleCrazyBear says:

Carl the crab where are ya buddy 6:57

MushyfiedJelly says:

Got here in time for once

Atmosphere Robin says:

69th comment yayyaaa

Yoplait yo says:

This very funny!

jordan dotty says:

Play vr minecraft pls.

Nate Rhett says:

Says to be careful, breaks the pot instantly

Mr. Apple says:

Hey ctop u should play out of ammo or the forest vr

AlexCraft Gaming says:

This is so addicting to watch.

BrickGuy Productions says:

Yes more!!!!!!!!!

Tim :D Charizard says:


Benny Leguizamo says:

Ctop there’s a new weapon in gorn

APieceOfLiquid says:

This game is like if Portal and Rick And Morty had a baby. Love it haha.

Kronostrix 007 says:

I am romanian.

ريان شويخ says:


Valerie Tiers says:

Have you tried to take off a headset while in the main room with him?

Sebastian Kongelys says:

more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atmosphere Robin says:

Mr sprinkles

Lucas Pomini Galli says:

Very good channel. Too bad I do not understand much because I’m Brazilian.

roblox master says:

Your channel is the best

polyprosopos th says:


Gaming101 says:

Hey crop love ur vids

chara dreemurr says:


TwinDemons Gaming says:

You giggle a lot…’s refreshing :3

Rainerky pelpis says:


Dylan Nanthavong says:


Asesino de los7 says:

Thank you for doing another video of this game , I love your videos .

Atmosphere Robin says:


Craftkingshaun yt says:

I’m the 66 comment and 207 like

Mark Howard says:

MORE!!! <3

TheNewKing AndQueen_27 says:

Wow really amazing do more murder

Crazycorgi says:

I love this it’s so weird!

Cristina Vazquez says:

Ctop plz make more gorn

Dalton Groh says:

Make more like this ctop please

Micah Burgess says:

I’m really liking this series keep up the good work

Owen Toohey says:

Please do more I love this

Cristina Vazquez says:

Also make more super hot

bob cake says:

HI O – O

Alona Smirnova says:

Well…people are still making VR… never knew humanity was working on this instead of flying cars :/ Nice vid buddy!

GoldNight Cat says:

Your such a dick, but it is so funny.

gaming nexus zone says:

I like your vids

Pixel Litten says:

Omg we both said windy at the same time and I was even thinking of windy before you said it

skelly the skeleton says:

Great video’s love the puppies

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