EPIC BATTLE SIMULATOR – 20,000 VS 5,000 Castle Siege | EBS Gameplay

Epic Battle Simulator gameplay – 20,000 VS 5,000 Castle Siege – Epic Battle Simulator is like a realistic tabs battle simulator. EBS is currently in development, folllow the action below.

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Knight Sceem says:

Looks like a ripoff of Rome Total War tbh

Luke Burchardt says:

I would love to see the charge of the light brigade, but that might be over too quickly

DudeManGuy Jo boy says:

do the fall of Rome or what ever it was called when the barbarians in aided rome after it split in two empires

Rohit Behere says:

would like to see the siege of Malta..
3000 knights of st.john defending malta from ottoman navy with 40000 men…
P.S knights of st. john succeeded

DemonOfTheDeep says:

stronghold crusader has all that siege shit and I think the limit is 10,000 men on the map at one time

Gage Roberts says:

THE FRAMES. OMG UNDER 20 FRAMES…….That’s what I normally play on ;(

Jens Mikkelsen says:

then check out medieval engineers 🙂

The Wolf-God says:

Deus Vult

Joshua Desrosiers says:

Another idea behind the thin-tipped Pilum was that it would bend when it hit something other than a body, making it unusable

MLG Taco says:

This looks like TABS but I think it was made before TABS

Jennifer Elliott says:

At the end I thought that they were in a hill but then I realized thode are bodies

Zlyth says:

How the hell does your computer handle that

RegularFan94 dfgdfg says:

how resource intensive will this be? will low end comps be able to run it?

DeadorAlive says:

when the knights and the Romans charged it looked kool af

Hugo Andersson says:

recreate the battle of helms deep

jaydog co ops swatt says:

can you plz do the Sparta battle

Britannic hayyomatt says:

Pilums were not “these smaller spears” they were over 2 metres long( 6ft 7). And it wasn’t designed to penetrate enemy armour because at this time most javelins could do this so why choose one which is twice the weight and length?! The point in using it, is because when it’s thrown on impact with anything hard it bends and on anything soft it gets stuck (and can bend), meaning that it can’t be thrown back.

The plural of Pilum isn’t “Pee-ly” it’s pila literally pronounced how it’s spelt “pi-la” or “pee-la”. And mate a half truth is the worst of all lies.

Paolo Lastrilla says:

pixelated apollo of epic battle simulator

Glitch Master Gaming says:

“long slender spear” THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

Danny Andrews says:

I’ve got to say in the second battle the legionaries were most in-legionary like when they charged. I mean, In pretty sure that Romans would either charge very orderly in a line or hold the line, and wait for the Knights charge

Toxic Era says:

this looks so nice…

SeekNDstroy says:

20000…..20000?! How valuable is that castle anyway?! lol

Kaden Ohlrogge says:

the movie 300

Caleb King says:

This game looks so sweet.

Valaine Vanwookie says:

If they would be animated like in the total war series ist would be perfect.

Jared Sprague says:

Battle of Pellenor Fields from LOTR

PhotoPunk79 says:

holy crap! That’s 25,000? It looks like a sea of people! I can’t believe this one done by one guy!

Mr Nobody says:

is this game out yet?

Christan Akakwam says:

tabs vs ebs

Piotr kaliński says:

Holy fuck does NASA know you have thier computer ?

Sir Luque says:

*Searches for Deus Vult comment*

YouGotPwn4DGD says:

who thought those were ants

Icee Fanatic says:

invasion of Egypt anyone?

Kal Skirata says:

Battle of Hastings!

lol37814 says:


Ovuvwevwe Enyetuenwuewue Ugbemugbem Ossas says:

Recreate ww2

TottallyNotAUnusedName 123 says:

Were you actually playing this?


NO Names says:

recreate the 300 battle with the spartan shield wall

Zach Furbush says:


Eric Young says:

baron!!! there is a game I played when I was younger was crusaders its age of empires but buffed its way better. try it out and do a series in it please!!!

s mac says:

U can play as a unit in that game

isaiah archer says:

2000098 vs 4000098

Kristian Campos says:

Persians vs sparta

Isaac Pérez says:


beck Webb says:


Μιχάλης Καραστέργιος says:


Eden H. says:

you should recreate the great 300

mohammadkwt says:

lord of the ring : the two towers

furygamer says:

one word: amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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