DUI SIMULATOR – Crappy Simulator Gameplay

Seriously, kids. Don’t drink and drive. Or meth and drive. Or any of the stuff in this game and drive. Also don’t blow stuff up please.

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Nat M says:

HAHAHA Little bit depressing seeing 3 fully grown men think they can start a car in 1st.

You guys are so cute hahahahahah

BrensJoint says:

“touch my arm it feels really good! I need water!”
Bruce has definitely done ecstasy

Zelousmarineinspace says:

1:24 Where did you get that photo of Bruce without his shirt?

divasara77 says:

Bruce and James look like Adam’s background singers.

Mark Jehu says:

Was the mad man with the roundabouts a subtle Conductor reference from the Inside Gaming days??

BurntFaceMan says:

“it’s not a cross it has 2 lives” – So it’s a double cross?
bedum chish!

Jamie Lynn says:

“The [city’s] all roundabouts..” Has James never driven in England before? XD

Foxtrott46 says:

What is the name o the music at 3:08?

Farbror Nisse says:

I want that fat tiny italian man as a screensaver. He’s my fucking hero.

Michael Lee says:

I think you’d actually be a better driver if you did a shit ton of Coke.

DeadTurret says:

i have a physical copy of blaster simulator

R4zE says:

Chllhhickit or Tiket.

Choccy Milk says:

Damn, they’re so close to 1 million subs

Comrade Cleaner says:

There is a city in Arkansas that is all roundabouts. Wave of the future

Commander Cunt says:


GamingOnABudgetGuy says:

Man that Ferrari sounds beautiful

Mr C says:

(3:09) I still to this day really wish that moment could have lasted longer lol.

Z3rostar says:

10:00 “so, wait, you’re training to become a terrorist.”
Look at James’s eyes after Bruce says that.

Joel Mathis says:

There was so much more to that last simulator! I feel like they just scratched the surface comedy wise. That was very comically humorous.

Graedon McRorie says:

Only Adam would know what effect cocaine has on your driving

P Riddles says:


4 reviews lol

Panda - MSP, ROBLOX, Minecraft &a more says:

I don’t know why they were joking about steroids because some people are prescribed them for pain…e.g. Me!

greenBV4 says:

“This is a weird city its all roundabouts, some sort of mad man constructed it” Obviously never driven in Australia haha.

Jar Head says:

I got an ad for a dui lawyer before this video.

alfie sole says:

“Some sort of mad man” Its common in england however, were all mad men

Limp Noodle says:

What is Adam’s shirt???

here is jazzy asad says:

All my fellow muslim no need get offended by the video, these are just jokes and fun humor beside james already knows what he is talking about as you see him clearly say “this is not what i intended” basically that’s what it is all about the terrorist are wrong , even if they are muslim they are still wrong. and + they never mentioned any religion expect for the part Allah ho Akbar, which means god is great. even if they alter with the phrase like everyone else does in this era. for example God is snack bar , God is monkey bar which doesnt really supposed to bother anyone. Please stop being hypocritical when they made fun of jews or black people did any of you muslim ever bothered to comment for justice then.

Max Moore says:

Want roundabouts? Come to Carmel Indiana, you’ll get SICK of them

Rossie Toplistky says:

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Frank Fontaine says:

the structure at 12:20 is actually the shape of a Ukrainian Orthodox Crucifix…

Andrew Crockett says:

God damn Adam’s hair looks good.

David Boursalian says:

whats the song at 3:09

Eons I slept says:


Yamsatwar DirtDaze says:

i want more of this

Jordan Young says:

Blaster simulator MORE LIKE MICHAEL BAY SIMULATOR *Kills self*

slow play says:

THese vids are awesome.

ZigSteenine says:

only silly americans know you don’t start a car in 1st gear.


What’s the STEAM Skin they’re using?

Fucky Youy says:

Not gonna lie this is totally me when I’m driving on extasy

OWEN 009 says:

I think they like the creatures

Daria Fishman says:

I played safety driving game in my school with a wheel set up on drunk mode lol

Cameron O'Hearn says:

adam stop being so shit at games its not funny

TheInator1234 says:

They know way too much about drug use across all their videos for it to be innocent

Jeb Watson says:

The whole thing was funny, but the allah akbar was just hysterical.

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