DON’T DO THIS | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Part 6

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joe malo says:

So many units not being used! More variety please

WearChan says:

I’m lordminion777 -literally everyone

lawson lee says:

you do that chickenman man lol

mryall95 says:

wouldn’t it be clean up on isle 777 *ba dum tssss*

Ephany D'Winter says:

“those peasants smell so bad” — i guess you could say they were….. unpeasant…..

MeiLee says:

“Like a shadow, in the pants of a fallen walrus,” Wade, I love watching your videos but I have oh so many questions…

Craniac 324 says:

BTW Wade the level your on now is broken theres a balista under the ground so it is very very very hard to beat

wolfjedisamuel says:

_”Like a shadow in the pants of a fallen Walrus, we emerge. “_
I better hear that phrase in the new _”Great Wall”_ movie.

Cybernetic Xports says:

“Like a shadow, in the pants of a fallen walrus,we emerge.” LordMinion777 2k16.lmfao

MadStudioDaniel says:

wade instead of ton peasants can you please take the other unit.

springtrap 500 says:

talk to jap

micheal stout says:

in real life as soon as hillary went out she would have joined the enemy

Flamman says:

1 like 10 years of luck
1 sub you get what ever you want

Aaron Flames says:

Wade journey to tyranny.

Kie Michael Peele says:

wade are you high

Golgoron says:

more epic slowmo wade nonsense pls

Nate Wilson says:

Never record at this time of the morning, it doesn’t suit you.

Correy Jecklin says:

I think wade had a little to much to drink

Snowblooddirewolf says:

Lol did eneyone see the present flying on a weapon at the last round for this video

The FallenPoet says:

When KFC’s experiment goes horribly wrong, the Chicken man to CHICKEN MAN MAN is the result of science gone absolutely mad.

Booze Zombie says:

Shiiiiiit and I thought I got insane at 5 in the morning.

Laura Eleven says:

Did Wade wake up too early or did he go to sleep too late? We may never know.

Anthony Napier says:

you should put ur chicken men further back

ShadowWolf iplier says:

I EAT CHICKEN ERR DAY (do not insult me vegan ppl)

Amer Amr says:

11:40 Squidward!

Rueben Morales-Marquez says:

wade wens ur wedding

Gabriel Hill says:

“They both suck. We knew this going in.” Thank God you’re sane XD

“Like a shadow in the pants of a fallen walrus, *we emerge*!” Eh, still doesn’t cancel out the sanity of the previous statement.

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