Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog – Gameplay

Drew, Vinny, and Dave get back in the cockpit. Anybody know how to fly this thing? Learn more about Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog at

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James Davies says:

The 3 Stooges

Noe Shot says:

07:30 what haven when 3 idiots tried to fly a jet

mysticblade35 says:

Flight Club is the greatest content GB has ever put out. I miss this trio so much.

JJ Mc Cool says:

what is the name of this game

Waldo Viljoen says:

What game name

Arthur Francis says:

Why don’t you learn the sim before you waste viewers time making a video

jeff gibson says:

you guys aren’t experienced but i was cracking up..!!

CE3/4A says:

this pains me…

Danny Kundzinsh says:

Usually you read the manual before you fly the plane 🙂

Giba HawaIi says:

Esse jogo deve ser muito tedioso,não tem um modo tutorial que lhe ajude. Antes é preciso estudar um livro,um super manual que vem nos jogos originais,caro$!

Edward Armstrong says:

I wonder if real pilots are cringing right now. lol

Ecgpeow S says:

In the campaigns, do ground forces give you 5 lines?

Neonz27 says:

48:58 Did this guy just compare flying an A-10 Warthog to CoD…

AnimusCorpusXP says:

ok, that is bloody silly complex LoL I do not thing i could do the real thing if my life depended upon it – D O A

TheJohnnyh13 says:

Really funny to watch three guys figuring out how to maintain the a-10 – i was lurking for the “beep,beep,beep” – sound. there was a b-17 simulator years ago, i didnt even manage to start the engines without blowing up the fortress. 😀

George Seaman says:

“Let’s play some Zork” PRICELESS!!! Love it!

BlueTurbo says:

So much steps… In another game(not simulator) all I press is “E” or throttle up button to start and fly the A-10.

Ecgpeow S says:

(1) I’m totally sold on this game (and all DCS kit), esp’ cuz of the first 40 min(2) Arthur Francis and James Duffy are wankers.(3) This video will probably save me hours of frustration.

DoomFinger511 says:

HAHA so funny when he blew his engine up in the beginning. I was imaging him say “aaa this is your captain speaking, thank you for riding United Airlines”.

Alejandro Ramos says:

40 Minutos prendiendo esa mierda

Compassion says:

Lot of insecure pilots feelin the need to prove something with youtube comments. Lighten up.

Juan Jose Papaleo says:

sugerencia necesitamos en español o con posiblilidades de traduccion sean mas practicos estimasdos yankiees.

saultube44 says:

Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!

jason tennyson says:

And once again I’m late to the party.  Thanks for showing this game…didn’t think I was going to make it to the end, but I’m glad I hung in there

jaylex666 says:

New title – “how many noobs does it take to start an A-10 Warthog” wheres the big red ignite engines button?

Ghostboy12305 says:

who else skipped to 30 minutes into the video

ImaginaryAdversary says:

so funny when you guys finally discover the gun.


I was dedicated to the duration of this video… A waste not.

Harpoon says:

since i play this a lot, i keep pointing to things on the screen when they ask something along the line of “how do i do this” XD

Quinn says:

Tally armor 1 tally armor at 43114 40 tally MASTER CAUTION MASTER CAUTION MASTER CAUTION armor at 453 FFFFFFFFFF

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