Descenders – Riding Stonehenge, Jumping A Train! – Mountain Biking Simulator – Descenders Gameplay

Welcome to Descenders! Descenders is extreme downhill freeriding for the modern era, with procedurally generated worlds, and where mistakes have real consequences. In this episode we check out this new Early Access game and make our first ride down some very technical trails. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Descenders, thank you for watching and liking.

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: JAWN


DragoNate says:

This isn’t really my kind of game, but it’s definitely very visually pleasing and I enjoy watching you play.

Ethan Toth says:

Do you not know what a burm is

Ajit Pai says:

skate 3 was my life before i got my pc

Mr. GXI says:

2:32~2:38 sexy ass

FuckYouGooglePlus says:

I really like how this game handles lives. IT is not a typical millennial game where you are not punished in the sightly for losing a life. No unlimited lives. No unlimited continues. But it DOES give you a way to skip previous courses if you play them 3 times, which shouldn’t be that much of a grind since there are different paths you can go the other times. So I think it is a good hybrid of a REAL game, and a game for whining millennials who hate challenges.

1298 Tomcat says:

I 100% completed skate 3 so I think I’d be pretty good at this game

virgil mcmath says:

reminds me of downhill domination somewhat

Terorist Potato says:

I don’t usually like these one-time game videos but this one looks pretty fun and you should make a second video

Kieran rigs says:

Play more

Olivier Vibila says:

Drae you weren’t choosing the right tracks that’s why you couldn’t do the challenges. You need to look at the bonus requirements before you choose the track and find the best one based on the stats.

JaydenDSG says:

So Skate 3.5?

ShadowGamer5 Scorpio says:

I would like to see how far you go… keep up the great vids Drae

ZIZZI says:

I remember this game. It’s actually getting finished

Goose Boy says:

luv u bby gimme smoochy

Tim Bomb says:

that phrase “boss jump” changed meanings the second time with context

D3RP g0at says:

What’s his outro song called?

Adrian Maria says:

Analog more like
Anal OG.

Brandin Dow says:

game has a great sounddtrack i actually hope the Dev got the rights to use some of the music

Noah Krentz says:

I think the game is based on England, judging by Stonehenge and the hogwarts train

Bryan Droz says:

Reminds me of downhill domination on PS2. One of my favorite games of all time

zarasque placeholder says:

I hope to see more of that one, it was very fun to watch !

Noel Urick says:

Next up: Riding on the berlin wall

Beef Ingot says:

Was interested till the procedural generation crap.

Well designed levels over poor procedural generation implementations everytime.

Ive not yet seen an implementation id have prefered over just some well designed maps.

Austin Shaw says:

it really shouldnt bug me that he dressed his guy in a long sleeve shirt with shorts but it does

Gezral Retotal says:

Those burms though

Bryan Merrill says:


lAzy TY says:

Do more fishing barent seas

Juanito Fam And Friends says:

When are you going to make another video on trailmakers

A Rock. says:

Fishing barrens sea

Chace Carlson says:

Hi can you do a game play on World Of Tanks please?

bob cat says:

Drae, please bro. Banked corners and turns are called burms.

ZEMO says:

this game is just like dark souls xD

animebat says:

first level England (harry potter train and a henge) second is American? wonder what countrys you will go through in the game

The grizzly Unboxed says:

Play more please

Harry Glynn says:

1 Needs decapition 2 WHERE IS TRAILMAKERS

Omar Cardona says:

Cmon Drae you got to be more risky

Aaron Saura says:

Dreagast – Play this with a VR helment on that would be a rush…

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