Defeating the New Campaign Levels! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator we do our best to kill the Gian Chicken Man Man giant!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Dáin Ironfoot says:

It would be so cool if they added horsemen 🙂

fatto79 says:

6:06 he said he was stuck on a fence

SammyPlaysThings says:

Your voice is similar to my social studies teacher

Nathan Wengerd says:

I love the first battle he said the guy broke him with his face

Elodie Park says:

hi blitz! try the battle of bunker hill in the next viewers suggestions video(revelutionary war) first put 20 muskets on each side and add a cannon on the blue side. blue side is the colonial militia and the reds are the british redcoats.hope u do this!

Hunting Maniac says:

1:08 That was the Dark peasent when he was a good guy then when that viking killed him he turned evil *runs away saying im batman

Claire Emmons says:

play high treason!!

Timothy Gross says:

The shields can break through the vikings the shields.

New Noob says:

Please do 10 cheken man man vs 500 zombies XD

Maddie DeFrank says:


Aden Summer says:

Blitz do a battle like for Honor. Lots of people say that Vikings are the best and lots say Samurai are the best, but not so much knights so do, for samurai team (25 samurai and 10 archers) and for the viking team do (25 vikings and 10 shields)

Shayne Hensdill says:

blue team blue team blue team blue team blue team

James Speed says:

what is on the red team we did 100 Chicken in them and then on the blue team we did 200 chicken men and then we put with the chicken man presents in the front 200% so the be like a decoy

Cynthia Dorsey says:

bitz do this in sandbox  on red ten achers and shelds and footmen and charits and on blue  ten catpolts and shelds and pochers

Claudia M Parada says:

Musket and cannons vs chicken man man

Yung V says:

Samurai master only

Connor Searfoorce says:

1 chicken man man vs 10 samurai

KoopaDaHippie9 says:

The guy who threw the katana was the one who also threw the chicken man man XD

VideoGamer CoolKid says:

Is Blitz a relative of Dave? Maybe he IS Dave’s father.

josed garcia says:

blitz at 10:10 a viking jumped over a shieldman XD

Landon GamerL says:

Me too

MM playz says:

pre alpha isn’t that beta

Kai Ward says:

does this game cost anything?

Propigs1118 Gaming says:

I like blitz but he said ”
Oooh ahhhhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” to much

Trisdon Ciampanella says:

Do a pease t only campaign challenge

Eliad Eyar says:

wtf is kaboomski

Penguin Roaster says:

There should be spearthrowers or archers on the chariots

SammyPlaysThings says:

Catapults gotten a fix and a buff

Γερασιμος Μουζουρακης says:

saw as your face bro!

Maddie DeFrank says:


The Legend 27 says:

How much is this gonna be when it’s released?

Mosixman says:

This man is not much of a tactician

lukegamer123 says:


Chelsea P says:

chicken man man vs 20 charits

Flying Monkey says:

6:03 that is a rock not a fence

Josiah Diez says:

i signed up for TABS. now how do i play? pls answer

Shannon Pace says:

Do 1 chicken man man vs 250 pesents

blacksamurai23 animates and reacts says:


Justin Jovenal K. Cabalza Cabalza says:

a chicken man vs 2 cannons if the chicken man dies use a chariot

Gamingfort56 Guy says:

This game is so cool and awesome

Pokey Joey says:

Go to around 10:15 and on the left side of your screen look at the samurai do parkour

Kinnary Narvekar says:

I think that guy who threw his samurai wanted to go for P-P

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