Craft Keep VR Gameplay – “VIRTUAL BLACKSMITH SIMULATOR 2K17!!!” Virtual Reality Let’s Play

Welcome to my Hermit’s Look at Craft Keep VR! This is a PC gameplay walkthrough in 1080p HD on the Oculus Rift and Touch!

HUGE thanks to Oculus for providing me with an EPIC laptop so I can record videos for you during my travels around the world! Buy your very own Oculus Rift+Touch here:

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About Craft Keep VR:

Do you want to craft magnificent blades and brew powerful concoctions for local adventurers? If the answer is yes – and why wouldn’t it be? – the position of local trainee Alchemist-blacksmith has just become available, thanks to a staffing grievance from the resident dragon who decided to eat our last trainee.


Outro Music by Elybeatmaker! Full song here:

Intro Animation by Fultron!

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CrimsonCateye says:

I did enjoy this, and would like more

satish Khetan says:

Please second part

Sxcercy R says:

GenerikB more like Generik P! Ahajahahahahahhahaa! Pee joke

Brian Hutchinson says:

im 72th

Ivellios says:

The molten gold crown was a reference to Game of Thrones, given to Denerys’ brother, Drago’s brother in law.

You can also toss the ore into the smelter. Also, the guy did ask for 3 double healing potions.

Ranran the man says:

Oh there definitely has to be more of this game Genny! Hope the travels are going well

drk dragn says:

I’m shocked at this… and would LOVE a longer series! 😀

AllOutGaming 2015 says:

Why Only 16 comments?!!?!??!

TwistedSync says:

You’re commenting on the controls, but not taking advantage of one of the main factors of VR, which is that you can actually turn around in real life instead of just pushing a button. It seems like with all the fiddling around with buttons that you did, it would even be faster to just turn around. Just my thoughts, not trying to be mean, I still enjoyed the video 🙂

Karen Savva says:

2nd comments

satish Khetan says:

Please second part loved it

LetsPlay gaming says:

I love this game but the controls and a few things need fixed and the furnace needs to be higher. I get dissy watching this, it’s the only VR game that has done it so far. Still going to watch because I like the game and genny.

RiverSiege says:

This game was enjoyable to watch but no where near as good as others in this genre.

TheIlluminatiVirus 95 says:

More please!

Ramsay Snow says:

The guy dressed as a wizard going off to hunt Witches and Werewolves was a Witcher reference. The “bug named horse” was a reference to Roach, Geralt’s horse.

Riyad GAM says:

I commented to like my comment , so like it 🙂

Aaron Riffle says:

and you have played shop keep before

knightofhyrule730 says:

Janky controls make this game seem terrible.

Abraham Hernandez says:

post more last day on earth videos please please i like last day on earth i miss your lastday on earth videos please please do more please and thank you

Brian Hutchinson says:

kewl m8

AllOutGaming 2015 says:

I got the 270th like

that guy jae says:

Yes another please!!!!

thinredline 437 says:

Yeah do another

Aaron Riffle says:

your stupid Jenny you only made two actual double health potions

Matthew Lawley says:


Ujak90 says:

More pls 🙂

Pew Tube says:


RedX Awesome says:

More please

cobra12 says:

Make a saw video or a assassin Creed vr

Nyyir Thomas says:

Play duck season

liquidminds says:

Seems like “Yet another serve people stuff VR-Game”. Just that the controls seem really wonky.

Mouldyriver Gaming says:

11th lol

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