CORN FARMING & NEW HULK DIESEL MOD! – Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer Gameplay

CORN FARMING & NEW HULK DIESEL MOD! – Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer Gameplay

Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play Part 1 of Farming Simulator 19. This is a multiplayer farming management simulator game!

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Kryx Xō says:

I think you have sick voice or something sorry for that I was a little rude but your normal 😛

Joe Lain says:

You can get a new wheat havester

Munoz Vargas says:

Play more fs

Max Longin says:

The wihite tractor it gives in real life ps.i looooove your vids

Daniel dd says:

You should buy a farmhouse

Pug Gacha says:

12674th viewer XD

Machell Alldredge says:


drop an egg in your show

mimi jaat says:

He dropped the eggs check his vidoe

Kim Lynch says:

I hope you feel better soon

MrDngrsdave says:

Why havent you realised you hook the roller up by the other hitch point when you need to use it….

Farhan Faiz says:

Hey comodo ob drop some egg when you his vid

Becks28052 says:

OB is right that is excess food that you need to clean to keep the pigs happy

MR cookie man says:

Every 50 eps do a face cam

Tornado Tyler says:

Plz do more DONKEY butt

Tornado Tyler says:


Erix Lance Rada says:

Get well camodo we miss your laugh

tyson tatton says:

get the lift. any thing mod

Bernette Taylor says:

Ob dropped the eggs

Jayden Lee says:


Jamo Seats says:

he spilled the eggs o.b. did

nguntha zing says:

Camodo gaming O.B drop the eggs

Gone Bush says:

What is your farm?

Michael G says:

When i watched O.B’s Video of this when you was cutting part of the video O.B dropped the eggs of the back of the pickup truck xD

Jave says:

You can reset vehicles and you can also drive the train

Relloreign Lennon says:


neon the gaming 5339 says:

When you afk ob flip the truck

cotton ball says:

hope u get better
maybe chicken soup
maybe some corn
i love corn

MR cookie man says:

Where spy?

janelle dunn says:

a corn maze

Good Vibes says:

On the first day of Christmas somebody gave to me a ob in a corn field on the second day of Christmas Comodo gave to me content to watch and a ob in a corn field on the third day of Christmas spy cakes gave me…….. YOU TELL ME IN COMMENTS

IGift Smallgirl says:

o.b is stiupid:))฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿฿

G3T2ZCH0PPA says:

I would enjoy a little small clip every once and a while of you harvesting

BoiOCreamy 01 says:

I watched your face reveal video, you look nothing like I thought you would look like.

RobloxianProductionz says:

Use the corn for a corn maze

Darren Loh says:

Ob dropped the eggs

Nico Pogs says:

Feel better soon 🙁

Tornado Tyler says:

You should visit Dr baron from Gmod hospital to cure you sick voice (reference to Gmod episode in creepy hospital)

Good Vibes says:

Ob cracked the eggs when u were afk

Brian Osborn says:

On dropped the eggs

May-Kristin Hatland says:

Camodo. O.B droped some eggs then he was going to the sell point then he take a sharp turn then u was going to take a glass water

Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Farming Simulator! What should we farm next?
PS. I was still a bit sick when we record this!


ob drop the egg’s

Annelle Davis says:

I think you need to see a doctor

Brian Osborn says:

Ob dropped the eggs

Life Rocks says:

I’m sorry that I haven’t done videos in A long time

Relloreign Lennon says:

Last to watch *cry*

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