COPS COMING FOR THE CRACK! | Pako Car Chase Simulator [PC Gameplay] Let’s Play Car Chase Simulator

Pako Car Chase Simulator [PC Gameplay / Let’s Play]
PAKO – Car Chase Simulator is a tough as nails arcade driving game where you try to survive as long as possible without crashing your car in a police chase situation. Controls are simple, there is constant acceleration and choice to boost or brake a bit. One hit and you are dead.

PAKO made its debut on mobile devices and now Tree Men Games will bring the game to Steam players with updated visuals and controls optimized for gamepads, added power-ups, GUNS and especially 2-4 player split screen multiplayer mode that brings back the old school fun of classics like Super Sprint and Slicks N Slide with twist of arena shooters mixed in. Multiplayer mode offers options to customize matches with different options such as turning power-ups and cops on and off, amount of bullets and more.

Pako Car Chase Simulator on Steam:

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42Ounces says:

Hey Drew! A lot of Youtubers are making accounts on Some people are unhappy with Youtube’s recent changes and other people just think that has a better platform, I have been a longtime fan of your channel and I just recently made an account here and it is amazing! You should really make an account there so we can subscribe to you ASAP! I would love to see your content over there! Look into it please!

Burping Ninja says:

Please do more hearts of iron 4 “like if you agree”

Royal Yoshi says:

Love the vid Drew- the cops got your crack at least 30 times and you lasted 40 seconds. Such a fast paced game!

Tiago Adulis says:

YESSS new video. My day was TERRIBLE thank you for that! ❤️❤️

Big Blob says:

Where’s T.A.B.S

MrRaySeg says:

Hey Drew, been following your channel for quite some time (Greece civ 5 deity was my first series I watched), and I just want to thank you. You’ve poured your life and soul into your channel, and I’ve loved everything you’ve done (I miss florence OP memes though :P). I really hope you gain a bigger following so more people can appreciate the hard work you put into your content. Plus you just seem like a really awesome and genuine guy. Do you plan on playing any eu4 campaigns in the new DLC?

Immune Life says:

This is a cool game

jacob lewis says:


shadowolf says:

can u do let play undertale?

Canon Ixus says:

Pako is finnish and means escape.

Felix Johansson says:

Drew screwed, mission failed mission failed!

Luka Wähäsarja says:

It’s pronounced ‘pac (as in 2pac) + o (as in song)’.

MrSuperAragorn says:


Drayzax Beast says:


Heikki Ketola says:

You bet whenever finns make games, you will know its Finnish 😀

Edward B-H says:

So basically Smashy road wanted

Harambe Is cool says:

Currently my fav channel. Keep up the great work and don’t let them get the crack!

Ulysse Z says:

7:20 xD “that’s… uh… that’s… what she said ^^ “

Harambe Is cool says:

Currently my fav channel. Keep up the great work and don’t let them get the crack!

Jonathan Fitch says:

that was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind a follow-up video sometime

Theséus D says:

“I need to Last 60 seconds” I couldn’t stop giggling like a 12 year old

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