COLLECTING 50,000,000 COINS!! | Roblox Magnet Simulator

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Sandro Destura says:

Kev can you give me robux like 1,500,000 please

Granville Timberman 3rd says:

I play roblox

elshaddai Electric - Roblox says:


america viveros says:

Is. Galaxy

K1ngBrandon4 says:

i am your biggest fan my name in roblox is k1ngbrandon4 add me please

N&N says:

Mines is to have 100k subscribers and to have a happy life

Adrian Rios says:

Make Another magnet simulator video

Cotton Ball says:

Bro u look like jamal woolard tbh

khala longsworth says:

Give me 10000000 robux my name is jamir202212

LEGO Hero says:

I earn 500B one minutes

elshaddai Electric - Roblox says:

4,000,000 Subscribers

stacey conway says:

My b day is in the 17 of january

Efrain Zamora says:

Play sky wors ples kev i got robox 999999999999M

Loko Faith says:

Whats up kev I have 11,987 coins

Barb Bennett says:

What is your name in roblox

Sandro Destura says:

Whats the answer is 1500 +1246545×56444654÷12345=

Vanessa Rodriguez says:

Do moore pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Zyelle Kenebrew says:


judyadiaz says:

get you to 4,00000

Hendra Hendra says:

My name is uhcuch

alfazatgaming says:

Donate me Robux please my name in Roblox is gembelgaming_123
Ineed Robux please

Brianna Johnson says:

It’s a infinite bag in the shower where you got your where you got your where you got chores face magnet go back in and get your butt back in the and get that if in the bag it’s a definite bag in the

Ryan Simmons says:

Kev play WWE WWE

듀크 키드 YouTube says:

I earn 35T in one time….

Ryan Simmons says:

Kev what up

Granville Timberman 3rd says:

I love your vide play superhero tycoon naxt ok you are cool

Danny Fahmy says:

Kevin play roblox moon base tycoon

Avrian Bartee says:

He didmt like anyones comment ans he wanted us to let him know

Dylan Mckinley says:

Strucid is a roblox game

lil clowdz says:


Jackepicepisode lolboss says:

you should play itty bitty airport it’d a fun game

Guava juice 3 !!!! :D KooK Voov XX Roi says:


Edith Vartanian says:

I got 100,000,000

Dylan Mckinley says:

Kev go play strucid and also give me 1000 robux please


kav why did you dont play the supr power training semulator


rise my study in school

Kaden Lumsden says:


Daniel Isabella says:

We’re in New year too

Chong Jun Rong says:

Go go go!!

The Gary Family G says:

Rasing my grades up

Jackepicepisode lolboss says:

my new years thing is watch your videos

Windey Owens says:


Adrian Rios says:

Make a live video

Anna Barber says:

I pkayed it and got max every thing and it was crazy

Kat DaAngel says:

My goal for the New Years is staying at home

Lhyziaz Renee Mora says:

why dont you get a legendary egg?

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