Clash Royale & CS GO Meets TABS! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

TABS meets Clash Royale and CS GO in today’s Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay video thanks to a viewer suggestion! Welcome back to TABS Gameplay!
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Rocky says:

Upload some CR gameplay plz 😀

Ender Gam3r says:

I actually tried the clash royale fight but with the open alpha

CreeperHunter223 says:

eNtak here’s a suggestion.
TF2 Red V Blu
Both Teams Will Be The Same
8 Barrel rollers in the front of each team as the pyros.
3 M16’s On each side behind their army as the scouts.
2 Samurai masters as soldiers 1 on each flank.
3 Beamers In front of the M16’s as the snipers.
1 Super Peasant on each team as the Spy. (Wherever you want)

It would be really nice if you did this!

GameMaster Cheraisi says:


Miles N says:

do a vid on clash royal

winterelite gaming says:

there is a mobile version of tabs (kinda) called real battle sim

Henrin Chai says:

Have spear thrower army/ ballista army vs 1 super peasant/ dark peasant. As in do one of 4 combinations (ballistas vs dark peasant, spear throwers vs super peasant. Etc.) The idea is that they hit the dark/ super peasant and weigh it down. They have the highest health in game, so they can take a lot of them without dying, but the dark peasant might mess it up by throwing them all over the place and using the troops as shields, so I added the super peasant as an option.

tiffany mims says:

can you please do more raft

Ernest Wu says:

Slam important emission episode chart arrest gray credit either vessel.

Joseph Barore says:

Who wins 500 ninjas v 50 ninjas masters plz 🙂

tiffany mims says:

can you please do more raft

Evin King says:

Do a assassins creed battle:number of enemies
4 samurai masters/ assassins
10 footman/ normal templars
14 arrow men/ ranged templars
5 axeman/ heavy templars
4 cannon crew/ well cannon crew
And last 1 peasant for the king

Bishop Family says:

make clash royale in ancient warfare because u have towers

superpotter Potter says:

hey entak are there any maize episodes coming soon

Mr.Chunks says:

play more crossout and make a armoured van

acceythenexxongamer says:

Beat my army
30 headbutters
30 vikings
30 spear throwers
10 axe men
You have 2000

eNtaK says:

Welcome back to TABS! Thanks for the suggestions and leave those battle ideas below! Make sure to thumbs up the ones you like as well 😛

Ashton Roberts says:

Red= 2 tesla 3 beemer 14 pesents 10 archers 20 shields and 7 chicken men Blue= 2 m16 3 energy sword masters 5 energy swords 5 energy pistols 20 shields 7 chicken men

Gaming with Airhead says:

Clash royale vs tabs

1 light saber master as valkarie
Super peasant as baby dragon
Headbutter as lumber jack
Barrel roller as poison
Samurai master as mini pekka
Tesla as electro wizard
Chicken man man as giant
4 barbarians as barbarians


Super boxer
10 tyquando
51 farmers
92 energy pistols

Mr King says:

Red team

Axe (CinamonToastKen)
Chicken man man(Markiplier)
Super boxer(Jacksepticeye)

Blue team

200 peasents(Haters)

if you want put more peasents

Corbin Rysavy says:

beat 300 farmers in > shape
with 5000$

Roshana Suthahar says:

do 4 samurai masters vs 1 chicken man man

unknown unknown says:

?Do you play Clash Royale

Roshana Suthahar says:

try doing leavel 1-20 with only using asia

Bernard Boyle says:

spell entak with peasants

Nannotyranno -gaming and other stuff :D- says:

Holy crap! at 6:44 that thief with a burnt theif behind him fooled me into thinking it was his shadow! geez I’m stupid!

viperxtreme 123 says:

rainbow six siege

smoke:barrel roller
bandit :tesla
mute:gravity dude
jager:projectile shield
castle:super peasant

Sinai Subba says:

Wow I got a clash royale ad lol

Jackiplier -1,000,000 says:

ENtaK play clash of clans

Uranium Mapping, Gaming and more! says:

Sword art online!
2 Energy sword masters (Kirito and Asuna)
20 Footman (noobs)
20 Samurai (noobs with good swords)
1 Samurai Master (Klein)
10 Energy swords (advanced)
1 Axe (The dude with a axe)
10 Spearman(some rookies with spears)
Level 1: 1 Chicken man man (in the front)
Level 2: 1 Super Boxer
Level 3: 1 Super Peasant
Level 4: 1 Dark Peasant (if the players lose, put 2 Dark peasants because the power boners is strong with this one.)
Now you have to put maps on the same levels on who wins.
Ex: Level 1: Japan
Level 2: Sahara
Level 3: Denmark
Level 4: Neon

When the players win a level, put the same amount of players on the beginning.

I know, this one is detailed and long, but this is amazing in my opinion

winterelite gaming says:

there is a mobile version of tabs (kinda) called real battle sim

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