Chicken Man Man – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

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Potation says:

He has a mouth!

dd8209 says:

10:41 WTF?

魏子奇 says:

Make a chicken(man) fall on the edge of the map!
I miss all the ‘falls’ farm in H3rmitcraft……

bleatingsheep 39 says:

I want chicken man man man man man man man!

LordMortus says:

I wanted Chicken Man Man man man to follow the red guys of the edge so bad!! 🙂

Jared Wood says:

Maybe we will get a chicken man man man!

The Pilot Penguin says:

the textures and shadows have gotten better

sujal patel says:

some people take that as hate and then shower me with curses

Stickyboys says:

Whats next super chicken man man

RandomU5erName says:

Try to force the chicken man man off the world X

Teemu Haapala says:

Those vikings suck.

Mashanda Bryant says:


Ben Shuker says:

wow! Pre-ordered ClusterTruck, and I got TABS pre alpha! Now I can do thee durpy stuff Xisuma was doing! Sweet!
Can’t wait for more of TABS from Xisuma xD

Gecko_po_2002 says:

17:20 lol that one guy hanging on for dear life

Nathanftw Cool says:


Gorgeen Vali says:

do hundreds of muskets and archers vs a chicken man man

roo1029 says:

think a mech vs a chicken man man who would win?

Frozen Magma says:


Guoyi Zhong // Fox9011 says:

Xisuma you know how when you kill the chicken man you don’t have to kill the chickens

cosgrove360 says:

X did the guys that made this game ask you to play it?

Chris Gauder says:

I definitely have missed it.

aizler gueco says:

x do 42 vikings vs 1 chicken man man

Gritter S says:

Chicken man man must now be created in minecraft.

CosmicPlays says:

do 1000 spearman vs 3 cmm

Zaderos Plays says:

Xisuma, try to use chariots and ballistas to knock chicken man man out of the world

Zack Gaming says:

Winter map because *[Insert Meme Here>]* Winter is coming

ATH31909 says:

I think CMM is underpriced. Unless you’re in a low-point buy game, there’s no reason to pick up more than one or two CM’s- CMM can produce three CM’s before the battle even starts. The “kill the master to destroy its minions” mechanic isn’t really much of a drawback- almost anything/any army that could kill a CMM can easily kill the three CM’s that the point values seem to indicate have a larger combat strength than a CMM.

Epsilon SG says:

I used to be a viking like you…
But then I took a poacher’s arrow to the knee

Aaron Hypnotoad says:

They survived the poachers because the poachers are MUCH much weaker than bowmen. They are almost entirely used against chicken man, nearly useless against humans.

Henry Ren says:

Vikings should be able to throw their axes and become ‘shields’ Plz respond to me!

Piranha252 says:

Ooh an editing clap sneaked in?

Animal Alu says:

a chicken butt butt fight would go on forever! more and more chicken butts would be made as the others go down! then more and more bodies would pile up, making more and more lag, crashing the game!

wmheric says:

Chicken Man. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken Man. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken Man Man.

Some music for timelapses there 😉

Richards Skurba says:

play egg wars or sky wars Please 🙂

roo1029 says:

I have a idea!Do 100 peasants boxers and farmers against 50 muskets and 1 chicken man

Nenad Zdralic says:


Marijn Adriaanse says:

You should try to throw chicken man man off the edge 🙂

Bowie te Loo says:

1:34 can we see it :-p

quadrplax says:

16:20 the dead guy below the E hops lol

BreakfastPlays says:

I want to see you try and push Chicken Man Man off into the void!

DancingPanda says:

no it’s a 50% for a Viking to win against a samuri

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