Chicken Man Man Must Die – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

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MetaHerobrine 1 says:

Chicken Man Man v. Chicken Man Man 1 of each

Christopher Burnett says:

x! Don’t do the “intro” thing.

Faces Deluxe 9000+ says:

I really want to know how many hwachas it takes to destroy chicken man man…

Jonathan Rychlik says:

they should make a catapult that fires peasants… but only like once

dakoit wuther says:

more of these

CyK0ticDynasty says:

Archers got a great target on chicken man man

Graham Khoobyar says:

Vickstar123 killed the chicken man btw.

Mighty says:

why u do dis o-o

Daniel Maczák says:

man your commentary is killer 🙂 <3

Kevin Chiem says:

uh, you chopped off part of your video. The chicken man part.

ENDERMAN_ 4000 says:

Ooohh the chicken man man had an arrow to the groin!

Riley Cao says:

Muskets do win u just have to put a long line of them

Tavish McEwen says:

Congrats on 521000 subscribers 😉

justaGDfan says:

Xisuma’s obsession with chickens is getting out of hen…

J0yb0y says:

i’m wondering… Chicken man man man man man man…

cosgrove360 says:

1:00 Yes you did it! The civilian rebellion XD

Chronomatrix says:

Here comes the frames again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion…

Get it?
Well, video was awesome and fun, can’t wait for the next videos.

Pig ZTOAD says:

I bet the Vikings would do great against long range attakers

TCF says:

If you put him in the back you chould shoot him (chichen man man) of into the void

Frozen Magma says:

Perhaps try knocking the Chicken man man off the map next time?
I love this series so much <3

JNightcore {Nightcore/Nightstep} says:

I saw xisuma’s cursor on the screen and thought that my mouse was messing up XD

Legend 909 says:

Why is there a courser on my iPad screen???? Ohhhhhh

XtraSpeed - says:

Do more levels, X. I think that those are more interesting than sandbox.

Jarrar Mehdi says:


Ben Gos says:

My video ended abruptly

Ascension Bulldogs says:

He sounds like stamps

Jonathan Prince says:

Best episode yet! Keep it up – I love it 😀

Alfie Chenery says:

Am I the only one where the end cut off. I didn’t see if chicken men can beat a chicken man man. I’m on a tablet if that helps troubleshoot

Ale says:

man, you forgot to test how many chicken man man does it take down to take down a chicken man man!!

Jarrar Mehdi says:


Spartan-117 says:

By the way, shields are op against most other foot troops. Just thought I’d put that out! Love your content! 😀

Sammy Astro says:

X nice vid these videos make me laugh…… a lot

Slingo the cat says:

between this and chickens courage, i honestly wonder how often xisuma has said the word “chicken” recently

Help me get 10000 subs with no videos says:

Shouldn’t you call him the Chicken Butt Butt?

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