CHEAP CUSTOMERS are the WORST!! – PC Building Simulator Gameplay – Episode 6

Let’s play PC Building Simulator! Own and operate your own PC building and repair shop! Amazingly accurate simulation of a PC repair service and I should know, since I had a shop like this in real life for 7 years!
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About PC Building Simulator

Build your very own PC empire, from simple diagnosis and repairs to bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would drool over. With an ever-expanding marketplace full of real-world and realistically priced components you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get out there, build it and see how it benchmarks!

Outro art by Kazzr & Kong:
Outro track is “There It Is” by Kevin Macleod (


AmberRose Reynoso says:

more of this game please

Antônio Neto says:

Hey Paul,you should play until you have to build a pc from scratch its pretty fun,also can you teach us to build a pc with dual gpu?

Nathan Nguyen says:

There should be customers who send parts they want in to replace or upgrade because they are uncomfortable open their pc and replacing something

BlakeCampMusic says:

Please continue this series!

Nathan Nguyen says:


JustWray says:

Definitely continue the series please at least unlock all benches and unlock the metal cabinet before ending the series

Jninja says:

Hey Paul what was the weirdest screen saver you’ve ever seen? I’m guessing something anime related.

Mikes Tek says:

Please keep making these.

Bear Games says:

More please Paul, great series 🙂

Aubrey S. says:

More please!

Reed Lua says:

1000 likes guys?

larry shields says:

Please continue this series and on a not-so-related note they have released a LOT of new content on “gold rush” just saying.

CrabKing The hermitCrab says:

Please do a little more

Angel Dechter says:

Do More

Adityan Singla says:

Pls do pixark

Wilum Ward says:

This game is ok, but I prefer FrostPunk! More of that please!!

Natan Gould says:


Patrick Senkbeil says:

Please keep it alive, even if you only post an episode a week. The insight you share on the business makes it super enjoyable. Plus, you are only level 3. I’m sure when you get further into it you will get more complex jobs.

missyymango says:

Please do not stop this series yet. Make more! At least a couple more!

Andrew Jenkins Cruz says:

I an building my own pc in school and I am only 13

Dear Mr Dubs says:

Hey! Yes pls make more.

Brock Denson says:

Please continue this series 😀

Vladimir Kernochivsky says:

I used to own a shop and a customer told me to replace the reactor.

TheCrazyDr3wski says:

I love this series please do many many more episodes!! I love this series please do many many more episodes!! I love this series please do many many more episodes!! I love this series please do many many more episodes!! I love this series please do many many more episodes!! I love this series please do many many more episodes!! 🙂 Thanks for the videos man!

mimi l. says:

*yos pls i wuv ur videos paul <3*

jesternario says:

Must see more if there is more simply for your commentary alone.

Nobody says:

I think you should continue the series, but many of the jobs can get repetitive. There are some pretty interesting story jobs though that you should definitely show. I think you get a new series of story jobs every time you level up.

Jantzku says:

How about Frostpunk?

calling card says:

More please

bobawa7 says:

Please do more I really look forward to these videos!

TheBlackStealth says:

This is an awesome series!

Eddie Dx says:

I like the series but only if you have fun with it.

Ben Burch says:

Bring back PC Building Simulator we need more of our favorite YouTuber playing it. (I’ve been loyal to this channel since you started YouTube)

Meat_Eater says:

Moar pls

Tom Destry Jr. says:

I hope you keep going with these, I’m really enjoying them!

Slimebojr 1 says:

Yeah continue plz I wanna see you get the offer benches

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