Carrier Deck – USS Ronald Reagan Simulator – Carrier OPS (Carrier Deck Gameplay)

Carrier Deck – USS Ronald Reagan Simulator – Carrier OPS (Carrier Deck Gameplay)

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Willard Productions says:

Play this again

Santi Formento says:

Use the Hawkeye instead of a fighter jet for recon has it has a longer radar range

Sarp Kaplan says:

phly tiger and do 335 ?

demonmercer says:

Good! GOOD! now land tu-4 on the carrier


I’m SOOO glad Phly was never in the navy

Braiden Robson says:

no cold waters?

Rory Deutsch says:

Is it just me or are all the radar screens back to front – the tracks should be facing the same direction as the carrier (ie LEFT) rather than right. Apart from that, it looks like a neat game.

Garren Graves says:

Do more this is lit

Lars Muller says:

do more

Jake Dilliott says:

Should’ve launched that Hawk-eye

John Stahl says:

i wants more

Mr Destroyerman says:

More plz

James Franco says:

More of these please

Garreth Sumner says:


iiZz0o-Shnauz says:

Really cool thanks 😀 have a great day too

errotfighter2270 / kokonyang says:

phly pls make this game series on your you tube channel

Banned Inc. says:

well ill be damned, cant believe i havnt heard of this game until now!!

CAM_o_man Games says:

TIPS: If you can, use a Hawkeye to scout, it’s better. Have everything prepped for emergency scramble, and you don’t have to queue the mission until you have a plane on the catapult. You don’t need to use a helicopter to scout subs, but you do need a helicopter to destroy one.

Jemund Burke says:

I wasn’t sure bout getting this game before but now i know its is a lot of fun

Intorsus Volo says:



make Sorry

GameSquad NL says:

play kv-2 with biggest vodka shot in world

Timothy Nelson says:

HAhahaha yeah you failed. Very cool though!

schaap 0609 says:

plz more is fun to see

Alexis Rubio says:

Hawkeye for scouting

just Shane says:

I realy liked it Phly, looks awesome. Deffinitely gonna buy it! 😀

Reaper sans says:

play more plz

Austin Cole says:

Phly my uncle ya son that ship

naanmana says:

I looked up the longitude and latitude coordinates (35.0083 N, 115.4750 W) that’s on the main title screen and lol there’s no ocean there. It’s the Mojave National Preserve in Nevada

Max Mustermann says:

this one was sooo funny at the end^^


Hey phly if you like games like this theres a game called warships on ios

Tanguy L. says:

Awesome video but so frustrating to see bad decisions !

Elian Martinez says:

More Please

Gamer_danger141 Lewellen says:

Love the vid play more plz

Krippster says:

there’s some “depth” to this game
see what I did there

Archie White says:


Joshua Holmes says:

can you play more of this

Triglav says:

ISIS air-force simulator.

Jesse GD says:

Bring on another one. It’s fun to hear you panic and (barely) pull through with a split second to spare.
Makes you appreciate all the work REAL carrier sailors and aviators have to work with eh~?

jo931 privée says:

more videos of this please !!

Davinator says:


Sky Racer says:

lmao….that was funny…live the game

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