CAR MECHANIC SIMULATOR FOR HUGE TRAINS 2017?! – Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Gameplay Ep 1

It’s like car mechanic simulator for trains in this Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 gameplay!
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Aw yeah baby, not just limiting ourselves to cars, it’s time to open up the workshop in order to start repairing the BIG DOGS. We’re talking diesel, steam, and even electric style of trains. These beefy boys are going to come into our repair shop with a whole host of problems, and it’s our job to find out what the issue is, dig deep inside of the components, and then either repair or buy new parts to get the trains back on the road. Repairing locomotives aren’t the only thing we’ll be doing, we also have our own repair train that we’ll need to take out into the world in order to hook up and tow back other broken down trains.

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My Summer Car:

Rimworld (Alpha 15):

No Man’s Sky:

Tyto Ecology:



Take your opportunity as real Train Mechanic.
Find locomotives around game world that needs your help and repair them in one of 3 workshops localized in huge 25 km2 open world.
You will be face all types of damages in all genres of trains: Diesel, Electric and even Old-School Steam units.

– 9 trains to repair in all types: Steam, Electric and Diesel
– open 25 km2 world full of railways and different locations
– 3 workshops with more than 1000 parts to repair
– unique Economy System – you will decide about strategy of repair and ROI of it


Intro Music:
Song: Kadenza – Harpuia [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Music by Teknoaxe:

End Card By Exandria:


Andrew Vickers says:

the game is train mechanic

Vert WulfPack says:

The numbers are just identification for the railroad. They’re called roadnumbers.

Robert Lewis says:

i like this new series. keep doig it plz!

frozen_dude says:

Well, if the train driving part was even remotely realistic, you would probably have derailed at every curve, blown half the switches and also crashed into the broken engine, and possibly others…

Also boy did you do a number in removing parts unnecessarily on that last engine, if you were aiming for a face-palm video, good job?

But you do a nice job editing the videos’ so you are forgiven your facey and palmey transgressions. 😛

Ryan Lara says:

The orange train is a BNSF the blue train I think is a CSX

Cobra Railways says:

I am good with trains but only Scottish trains

Conrailfan2596 says:

train brakes are not hydraulic

Edawg Egg says:

Do more plz

Matthew Macker says:

100% accurate

Wheelspin TV says:

Such an obscure name for a game…obscure, but accurate.

ethan willebrandt says:


Poo Hoo says:

Gray can you do all first person mode in the next video?

SuBbaas says:

You keep amazing coming up with great games!
Viewing the game mechanics, you won’t need to play Car Mechanic Simulator; it works exactly the same with the tablet, the removal of parts and stuff.
Keep it up man!!

KittyHawkSG63 Productions says:

I wonder if the same devs who made Car mechanic simulator made this game

railbaron1 says:

I’m very interested in the steam engines. I Wonder if there will be famous engines like the Mallard, City of Truro, and maybe even the Rocket.

Norma says:

This game is great, play more 🙂

626 Games says:

Hey Gray, trains are effin expensive.

Ethan Gagnon says:

I want to see more of this game gray

kyle durand says:

pls make a series of this and car mechanic sim

Zach Snider says:

gray pleas play more of this

Brock Johnson says:

Grey can you do a series of this?

cool guy 77 new says:

road number

Dar Paz says:

I like trains 🙂

andrew webster says:

the numbers are the train numbers

B Middleton says:

I love trains

Michael Jimenez says:

Gray it’s better to look under

Ass #Gullig says:

This is actually pretty dope

SaTaNeAtChEeSe IV says:

I liked this more than I’m willing to admit…

Kenny conklin says:

ooooo my god this is the greatest thing in the world

ZombieSlayer103 says:

can you put your own train in the shop?

Gavin Poss says:

hey gray if u remember me private message me i have an idea plz think about it

lilpimpin Davis says:

check out tsw(train sim world)


the numbers on the train is a code that allow the train to be tracked if it gets lost


GO BACK TO KILJU BREWING!!! (when you choose to)

Pauline Lee says:

The castle wall is the border from the different country

Petter Carmona says:

Hey Gray! At about 3:45 with the work orders, there’s actually a very specific reason to why mechanics use paper billing and tasking still. It’s so that you won’t be able to change any work without physically haven’t created a new order. That helps both the shop keep order, the costumers get the correct bills and the accountants gets less work.

Patrick McEntee says:

i like trains

Unreal Sounds says:

This game looks really interesting!

Poo Hoo says:

Gray can you do all first person mode in the next video?

Gaetan Willingham says:

The number is called a road number. It’s assigned to a locomotive for each road name. Like the first train you repaired was BNSF loco number 267

archimedics says:

the 247 has the paint style of bnsf locomotives

HK says:

hey Gray, love the video. more videos of this game would be awesome! especially to see how the developers make any changes

Mason D says:

gray play panic sneak theif please

Tyler McCarroll says:


Maddox021406 says:

the gray train

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