Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Official Gameplay Trailer


Cody Sheffield says:

I didn’t know PlayWay was into Ear Rape trailers. GOD I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME TO COME OUT

Donald Trump says:

the rx7 better have a rotary … or else…

The Gaming Pike says:

them background beats tho

Tom The Gamer says:

use good protection for your games not like denuvo denuvo is expebsive bc piretes crack the game very easy

Abortions Incorporated says:

cant wait to make a roadkill style hot rod

Hardware&Spiele Tipps says:

You said you need up to 3 working days So MONDAY TUESDAY and THURSDAY So where is da game? i mean you Said it Steam needs time ithink Steam isnt the Problem the problem are you guys!

motobros gaming and more says:

its based on it


ya right it is not going to be on the 28th

i_amBaLLiSTiiCZ says:

Its about time you guys have told us a release date. I’ve been waiting for this game to come out since it was announced!!


car mechanic 2018 will with the way it seems come out in 2019… STOP PUSHING IT BACK MAN when a game is said to be done by a date don’t back out on a promise to see it on steam on the 24th when its the 26th and still gotta wait like 2 days.. this better be worth the wait and tell us why you pushed it back atleast

byCDMC says:

Street Legal Racing Redline on steroids,lol! looks good tho

kurt calleja says:

does anyone know how much its going to be ?

Andrey Sarygin says:


100percentbeef says:

Out now lol

Volkswagenman3 says:

I can wait 1 day and 22 hours because I know this will be an amazing game. 🙂

Campbell Huff says:


Vinny Fama says:

‘Out now’ is fake news

BlueShadow125 says:

“out now” do i smell bull shit?

MRdemonWaffles 09 says:

is it coming to ps4 the same time as pc?

matthias de boer says:

Why is it delayt?

bandi Games says:

i like car mecanique is very nice game

Bonzo B says:

The graphic is more réalistic <3

Paulo De Freitas says:

Great, so instead of fixing all of the issues & bugs in their previous game, they just release a new one…

Austin l says:

The garage they use in the trailer looks the gas monkey garage from fast and loud.

Alvaro Alvarez says:

When in consoles?

Cwilbur gaming says:

will it be in stores to bye

Luuk says:

Can’t Wait!

The Gamingal says:

I hope this date is legit!

Bryce Nelson says:

How are we gonna be able to play it on xb1

Piotr Gawlik says:

zajebiste 😀

Valknut Gaming says:

out now… haha i wish!

Aatu Rauhala says:

Does it come to consoles?

Sheldon Ray says:

Delayed again…

ChickenGames says:

can you release the music I have fallen in love with it

lampy says:

is the release save? 28.07?

Thomas T says:


RockSteel141 says:

Steam says it’s due out tomorrow . Why can we not pre purchase it?

Donald Trump says:

I just bought the game in a shop for 65zł (about £13) but the key doesn’t work. it also has the Mazda rx7 dlc.

NINJA_F15H says:

That music is horrible

Holy Wobbles says:

Whhhyyy is it so LOUD

Gaming With Corza! says:

when is it released on ps4?

alecsander arruda says:

And Xbox One??

Caleb Cross says:

I love it this should be the main menu music background it would fit it perfectly

Archer says:

This looks fucking epic! Very hyped!

Speed Hunter says:

I love Reddot

Tobias Frötel says:

Kommt es nicht auf Konsolen oder wo kann man es kaufen

Game Musics says:

wait ,rx7 means rotary xmmmmmmmmm

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